Trump: “I will drain the swamp.” Here is what he meant!

Hillary lost because she called infiltrators who entered your home country without your permission law-abiding aliens who need your tax money (paternalism) more than US veterans need help! Hillary was the “Queen of the Swamp” and thought she was entitled to bring the crap into the White House!  50 million Americans voted for her because they believed that an executive order by likable Obama was more good for the country than our own laws! Were the swamp people mostly adults who never grew up? My bookthink so, I don’t. They were good people causing harm by supporting swamp people without realizing it. Were they deplorable, Trump didn’t think so but they thought of him as deplorable. Many left-wing people are not very nice to people who disagree with them.They tend to be vindictive!

I am reading a book now given to me as a present for my 80th birthday by my dear right-winger friend John, whose occupation is movie business, not psychology. The book is about the psychological causes of political madness on the left (In the last century political madness was mostly on the right, this century it is mostly on the left). To me, these are the people who live in a political swamp but think they live in a Clinton, Obama, Bernie paradise. Many of them are delusional. The author of my book is Lyle H. Rossiter, MD, a well-known psychiatrist! I just finished reading the book and I think it is time to drain the swamp so we can have our country back from the authoritarianism of the left! These people really think that breaking the law is no big thing, anarchy is just a style of living and poverty is good because “I get to help the poor.”  My God, how can you think that empathy is less important than compassion or sympathy! Are you crazy?  Sympathy is nice,  but there is no comparison, dude! The globe is much less important than your homeland and having savings accounts is much less practical than investing. Man, don’t live in the swamp and be a host of all these distorted views that make your life difficult. If you are in the leftist swamp, just get out, stop supporting Obama’ wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or American streets. Stop preparing the US for Hillary’s war against Russia! Stop helping to create a swamp in the European Union! Leave them alone, they are losers with their socialism. Join freedom and prosperity at home, make the United States of American great again. Be smart,  be good and be angry  at the swamp dwellers for a change! Throw away you leftist anxiety about the future!!! And stop calling every person who disagree with you a racist!!! Start believing in God the way He is and not the way they told you She is!!


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