Trump elected president: what do I have to say in my speech tomorrow?

We have a group of 30 people who meet twice a month to discuss a selected topic. Tomorrow’s topic is Trump’s presidency, what to expect? About 20 of my friends are leftists and they see disasters coming. Interesting, their personalities are similar. They believe in saving accounts, Globalism, Socialism, Paternalism – and that life is full of problems. They feel more secure with “Mama government” to help and protect them because they don’t feel secure enough to go out and win, and they hate to become individualists. They love Collectivism, no borders, chaos. About 10 of my friends in my group think from the right. I do not need to tell them that Trump will be a great president. They already know it and already invest in pharmaceuticals and infrastructure and other selected companies  in the stock market (The leftist say, “You’d lose your money.”).  I, for one have closed all my savings accounts since I moved to the right and opened 4 investment accounts. “It’s going to be great to make money with the capitalists in power!”  They know it too and they are optimistic, but I do have to say to the leftist majority at the meeting, like the old song goes, “Be happy, relax, it’s going to be OK.”  You see, leftists are pessimists in their personality. They are nervous people because they don’t believe in lines, borders, boundaries, etc.  They are guided  by their anxieties since they left mama home, fear about their own chaos, you don’t believe me, check out what they say to you in the street and you will notice the fear behind almost every sentence!  “Trump will push the button and kill us all.” Leftists are like kids, they never grew up completely. Most of them are not wealthy because they save, not invest (too risky). They want the sure thing – They don’t “pray” that Trump will behave, they know he won’t! Well, he is not going to behave the way the left want him to behave. He is angry, as most right-wing people are because the left makes terrible decisions and then blame the right when the consequences at home or in the country turn bad.



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