President Trump or President Clinton? Who is worse?

The stock market is up by 300 points today a day before the presidential election of 2016. The smart analysis why is seeing a factor that probably covers 50% of the variance – need for stability. Hillary’s polls are up significantly and investors expect her to be elected president tomorrow. Investors win! Hillary’s policies are well-known, she and her husband have been running things in the US government for 30 years. The results were that almost every achievement for the American people Obama or the Clintons wanted didn’t happened. Their socialist decision-making skills killed progress! What they tried to accomplish – was not accomplished!

Investors are usually wealthy people in the first place. They are much wealthier today because of the Clinton’s and Obama’s decisions. Ten trillion dollars out of the 20 trillion the US owes (your poor kids) to China and others is today in  the pockets of rich and powerful people (Clinton’s global friends) who manufactured and provided services all over the world that were not beneficial to hard-working American voters at all (you were manipulated). The rich got richer and the poor got poorer on the backs of the American middle and lower classes! The only reason women,  Blacks and Latinos would still vote for Hillary as president is that they don’t connect the dots about Trump or Hillary. Why don’t they connect the dots? They can’t understand that Hillary would destroy hope for a better life for people who already have less because of her poor skill in making the right decisions for the country. She wants more than anything to improve poor people’s lives but she can’t! She is a socialist and as such she must keep minorities poor so they would need her paternalism and it makes her feel good as a benefactor! If blacks and Latinos were all middle class and didn’t need her she would lose their support. They will all go to Community colleges and learn a trade that would pay much better than government checks! She would lose all the power. Further, if she stopped being a “globalist” and put all her energy to improved American lives instead, she would lose all her friends in the EU, God forbids! Tomorrow is the day she is crowned by poor people who don’t understand that they would put their foot in their month by voting for her. Yet, they won’t vote for Trump because he instills fear in people (he can’t speak as eloquently as Obama). Who wants risk? He may make a great president only on his 4th year in office but not on the first 3 because the country is a mess and needs drastic measures to heal! Would be hell for a while, like a storm before sunshine. The market will go down, the world will be pissed off, who wants all that? We rather have Hillary in the WH without taking the Trump risk. We Americans are used to suffering, after all we grew up during Vietnam, Korean war, Iraq, etc, wars and assassinations. Our young like chaos, look how they are dressed, who likes borders, green hair, etc. We will put Obama and the Clinton’s in charge again to get more of the same leftist crap!

2016 is damn if you do and damn if you don’t!


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