Is Trump being underestimated?

“If Trump adopts a hostile policy towards Iran or scraps the deal Obama signed, hard-liners and particularly the IRGC will benefit from it,” a former reformist official said. This quote caught my eye somewhere on the Internet. If it was a true quote by an Iranian reformist, let me analyse it for you:

The way the quote was written indicates that the person who wrote the quote expects Trump as president of the United States to be hostile toward Iran. The writer also assumed that may be Trump could be deter from scraping the Obama deal with Iran that mostly benefits Iran. I do not think that right-winger Trump would be afraid of the Iranian hard-liners’ reaction, may be leftists Obama and Carter would but not right-winger Trump. The writer makes an unwarranted generalization about American presidents as soft dudes because some where.

Being a psychologist who read all Trump’s books, especially “Think Big and Kick Ass” I would predict that most hard-liners in most countries that hate the US would treat Trump and the United States with great respect for the next 4 years. Why would anyone want to get his ass kicked?  However, as a psychologist I must also say that some hardliners may want to test Trump how hard he could kick ass.

Don’t you think the next 4 years with strong man Trump at the helm would be more interesting than 4 years with  weak woman Hillary at the helm? I am not a sexist, to me Margaret Thatcher the British PM could have been as tough as any Trump, but not Hillary, are you kidding? That woman has a lot of bs but no b….s. I rest my case. Any responses?


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