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NFL: Psychology tells it like it is!

September 20, 2014

Black football players who reach the top of the NFL possess a rare combination of success in Nature;  superb aggression with awesome skills of sublimation. Saying it in a sociobiology would be “their high Testosterone level matches their mental sublimation skills,” a formula that is required for winning football games at the top of the national league. Here the rational meets the national meets the natural!

But here is the problem. Some marry the wrong women.

A Muslim woman will rarely say no to her husband when he wants sex. She is afraid to say no or she knows that success in football goes well with sexual release. An American women psyche is more complicated. She has to feel “right” about the act. She is ready for sex only when she feels love for her husband, but especially if she feels respected – or wants a baby. The man, on the other hand, feels, “I make 50 million dollars which enables me to marry a beautiful and sexy woman and I am entitled to have sex with her any time I want except when she doesn’t feel good physically.” There you go, psychology tells it like it is!

All psychologists would say that domestic violence has no place in marriage, you bet, but some psychologists would say that feeling love is the solution, respect, right conditions, etc. It’s like saying, “watch the Cialis or Viagra commercials.” I say it is an unrealistic approach with aggressive football players who say, “When I’m hot I’m hot.” The solution here is in the hand of the wife – sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. I assume it can be  simple, a wife of a man who makes 20 million dollars this year should put out more effort in the relationship than a wife of an unemployed bum. Sure, you must resist rape or even a too aggressive approach from your husband football player, but respond positively to a “quick” romance. The solution to this NFL problem is in the verbal behavior of the wife and the husband and not in the mind or either if they want the good life that comes with fame and 50 million bucks!


September 24, 2013

I posted on gay marriage last week  and got wonderful comments about “my wisdom.” well, I am a 77 yo “shrink” with years of experience, but this issue about something more difficult to accept than gay marriage  – safe abortion – taxes my wisdom. There is no good answer here, but only the least of all evils.

With appropriate counseling, certain personalities can recover quickly from the emotional pain of terminating a pregnancy.  For these strong personalities I can accept safe abortion the first trimester in cases of rape, young age, incest, severe malformation, extreme poverty, no father, and no family support for the girl or the woman. Three months is enough time to decide, the fetus is tiny, not kicking yet and the emotional attachment is just beginning. Any safe abortion on the second trimester is accepted only in rare medical cases, and in the third semester to me abortion is unacceptable unless one likes a terrible guilt, sin feeling and a messy life!  There are a few situations in life where a decision-making with no risk is available, abortion in the first trimester is one of them, as long as it is done right.