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Is the rise of ISIS something you should be concerned about?

September 27, 2014

Yes, you should be concerned if you live in new York City or Chicago, it’s like being in the worse storm in a 100 years and you suddenly realize that your boat skipper is only a boasting speaker! Professor of Islamic Civilization Raphael Israeli says that Obama has a false perception of Islam that may prolong the fight with ISIS as a Sunni movement. America is threatened. Islam is not a peaceful religion as Obama claims, says professor Israeli. ISIS barbarism is a Sunni Islamic phenomenon since 638 AD. ISIS has a politically elected Caliphate and as such has always bloodied the spiritually inherited Imamate of the Shia. Sunni hate for the Shia is greater than their hate for the Jews, he says.

There are fifteen Sunnis for every Shia person in the world. Sunnis are more prone to becoming suicide bombers than the Shia do. So far, many more Sunnis have become suicide bombers and their targets tended to be civilians and random. Not believing any of these religious and cultural differences between the 2 groups, Obama may not know how to use US resources to protect Americans. Obama is delusional about Islam as Bush and Clinton were. We are in for a bloody long haul.

I will not be surprised if this fight between radical Islam and America is the beginning of world war three. If that is the case, Obama as a triggering leader will follow in the footsteps of the other 2 Democrats in the White House (Wilson and Roosevelt) who started world war 1 and 2. And, this is not just my opinion, Authoritarian leaders, even in your group or family,  tend to test the resolve of democrats (perceived as weaker personalities) than republicans. Do you want peace in the world, elect a Teddy Roosevelt again and again and again.

The clash of civilization

September 21, 2012


if you had a bird’s-eye looking at people right now from  a mile above, what would you see? Ants.  You fly a bit closer and you realize that these ants are aunts and uncles that can talk running around like ants. You land and see that they are males that smash property and eat their territorial enemies. That is what ants do to secure food and holes. That is what humans do to secure culture and religion, not that much different from ants, except that humans have lofty terms to use. The clash of civilization is really a war between two powerful global groups of a billion or two nuts each. Anyone who argues who is right or wrong is an idiot because ultimately it isn’t a bout that, it’s about might, in history it’s always about might, power, military power! In this world might make right no matter what you or CNN wish that right makes might. Talk about freedom of speech is just talk. The world is in the middle of a clash between 100 Islamic cultures and 100 western cultures. And it isn’t difficult to know that only the United States has a sacred almost unlimited freedom of speech guaranteed in the US Constitution. That is the trigger of the war. So, there is a clash between the United States and Muslim groups that take on the American giant, one will win and the other will lose. If Iran gets the bomb it’s a draw, if the US gets really pissed off, even the feeble  western culture will win. Taking sides is ridiculous, as Werner Erhard says, sit relax and observe the biggest clash in human history between two global belief systems that don’t share anything in common except on CNN. I wish humans got along like Rodney King wanted, but they don’t and there is nothing you can do about it. ultimately the issue is not who is right but who is mightier. Human beings have never resolve their differences sitting around a table. If they did there would be no human civilization. War has shaped all human cultures, science and best inventions. War is stupid but so is a toilet seat. So what?, Get it, that is the way nasty things pass through.

Beyond the President and the Mosque.

August 17, 2010

For those of you who are watching the endless debates on CNN: Should the president get involved in the local issue of building a Mosque near ground zero? (who cares). Should the FBI or the CIA find out the source of the 100 million dollars earmarked for the project? (who cares). Does the US Constitution permit to build a Mosque near ground zero? (yes, it does, but who cares). Polls show that most Americans oppose the building of the Mosque (who cares, only Obama should worry about polls). Is the man behind building the Mosque less anti-American than Obama’s Reverend Wright was? (who cares). Senator Reed, the democratic whip, 3rd man in succession to the presidency is against building the Mosque (who cares).  Do the few Moslems who live in New York really need a 4th Mosque? (who cares).  Are political reasons influence the building a Mosque in that particular spot? (who cares). And all the other unimportant issues that people love to debate regarding the president and the Mosque (who cares).

Discard all these impotent issues and concentrate only on a simple psychological reality if you are practical. The Mosque will be built because the president says so –  he put 2 more leftist judges on the Supreme Court – and the Mosque is constitutional. These issues are interesting and the debates bring audience money to CNN – but they are meaningless to our future as Americans! There is only one issue to debate: Is the building of the Mosque good for world peace, good for America, good for Islam, good for Christianity, good for New York, good for Obama’s reelection, good for Saudi-Arabia, good for prosperity?

Any psychologist who does the analysis of the implications of a Mosque near ground zero, taking into account all the psychological, emotional, political, financial and religious ramifications in 2010 can come only to negative conclusions: Obama’s support for building the Mosque near ground zero will lose the Democrats votes in November and will threaten Obama’s chance for a second term as president in 2012. Future activities and sermons in the Mosque will slowly build up to greater tension and chasm between Islam and Christianity in the US and then the world. The Mosque near ground zero will become a rallying point for political Islam, the 4th most important Mosque in the world, after Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem and – New York!!!! (my main psychological conclusion).

Is that good or bad for future peace?

Christian and Moslem armies fought turf wars for 1400 years. This clash of civilizations is not politically correct to mention, but  Asia, Europe and the Middle East had change hands many times. Sometime the Moslems won, Spain, Turkey, and sometimes the Christians won, Palestine, Greece. Challenging the mighty USA in 2010 by building the Mosque near ground zero is a historical Islamic mistake. The United States is the only Christian super power nation left. Provoking it is a bad move by any psychological analysis of future relationships between these 2 great world religions, a Mosque near ground zero will not be seen by Christians as a move toward peace but as a political provocation: Islam is confronting Christianity in the city of 911, not a very smart Islamic move in this very real game of World Monopoly!