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Obama vs. Baghdadi II

October 11, 2014

The reason I have a sequel to Obama vs. Baghdadi I is that CNN a few minutes ago asked the question, “Will Baghdad fall to ISIS? I have the answer that the CNN panel could not agree on – Yes, it will happen, but not soon, it is not that simple and besides I want my reader to get the bigger psychological picture:

Listen and judge for yourself looking at your own relationships, in any situation, big or small, or in any argument in life on any subject you can always identify a more cautious and a less cautious person – 2 different views, 2 different attitudes! Human personalities are like a car, you look at a situation and you either speed up or slow down,  become the accelerator (let’s do it!) or you become the breaks (hold your horses, dude). For example, I retired to beautiful Canada as a psychologist from California in 1998 and saw the juicy apple orchards and got hooked! I wanted to buy 10 acres of an apple orchard in the Okanagan and my wife said absolutely No. I was the accelerator and she was the breaks, thank God, because today I would be stuck with rotten apples and no time to do what I really love to do which is write this stuff in my blogs and websites! Are you an accelerator or the breaks? Look at your attitude. If you are alarmed and believe that ISIS and Ebola will accelerate their spread for now your are the speed pedal in the car called life, if you believe that we will soon find  a way to stop Ebola and ISIS or at least slow them down you are the breaks!

I am the accelerator about both. About ISIS I am the accelerator (They will capture Baghdad eventually) because Obama has no strategy how to stop Baghdadi  and his goons while they do have a strategy how to get Baghdad with its billions in the banks and weapons in the armories. Their strategy: They practice attacking and taking over small towns, then medium and finally they go for the big fish. Obama has no strategy, he is just reactive, just bombing and bombing  and then reactively putting boots on the ground when ISIS gets to Baghdad. He is a reactive dude, not a planner. But, at the end of the day, it’s like with the Nazis, they accelerated, then slowed down and finally stopped (usually when that happens you get the next president in the WH). About Ebola, it’s the same thing, the USA is an overly overly permissive society (OOPS! is an important concept for you to remember), If Obama ordered that “All flights from countries with Ebola are allowed only to land in the airport, fuel and fly back,” demonstrators will riot or a permissive federal judge somewhere in the US will nullify the presidential order using the 14th amendment to the Constitution! Ebola cannot be stopped at the border because the American people are mostly the breaks in the car, they slow down thinking. They don’t think that Ebola or ISIS are unstoppable for a few years, “it’s not that bad,” they probably say!

We should really rename my posting today, “Obama vs. Baghdadi and Obama vs. Ebola” and in both cases the American people will suffer untill they shed off their (OOPS!) and the “car-breaks” attitude. You can’t expect an accelerated thinking from the greatest country on earth right now!


October 2, 2014

Knowing the complacency of human nature about Primary  Prevention (read an article I wrote a few years ago about primary, secondary and tertiary preventions) and the fact that people in authority are reluctant to take strong action lest they be accused of being alarmist, the answer is Yes. But, in the unlikely event that you know someone who knows Prime Minister Harper and ask him to read my posting, the answer might be No.  Ebola is as serious threat as ISIS but it can be more easily contained. All Harper has to do is  declare a national emergency: Send back right away every person or animal that arrives in Canada by air, rail, boat or car from countries known to have an outbreak of Ebola. Keep the names and identity of these people or animals taken by the border authorities for 21 days. After 21 days if the individuals or animals are tested and certified in their countries to not have Ebola they can enter Canada. Here they will be quarantined for another 21 day after entering the country to watch for return symptoms. Ebola is a deadly disease. Don’t do what the Americans are doing. They are overly complacent. People will soon be dying in the US. And, for every death that will not occur in Canada, you should then send a thank you note to Prime Minister Harper.

Personally, my idea of Primary Prevention is great but I don’t think such protection will happen until the 25th Century when we become more aware of things, but I tried. At this point in our psychological development as a Cro-Magnon species let’s just hope that Ebola, Aids and ISIS somehow just fade away, Blessings.

Who caused ISIS to rise?

October 2, 2014

The question who caused ISIS to rise is like asking who was a worse president Obama or Bush? The surprising answer is  Bush, although Obama is a close second in being ignorant about Sunnis and Shia. The first mistake Bush made when he deposed Saddam, he dissolved Saddam’s Sunni army. The Sunni Generals were suddenly out of work. But, for them to start brutal ISIS Bush’s stupidity had to be classical! You see, Bush, who loves importing deadly democracies, decided to create a Shia election in Bagdad and let the new Shia prime minister El Maliki kill the Sunni Generals! He did a few, and Bush invited El Maliki to the White House as an unknown reward to the Shia PM killing Sunnis. Now the hiding Sunni Generals really got pissed off and started ISIS small to fight the Shia.  Bush left office believing that he brought the Sunnis and Shia together (idiot). Obama came in and started bombing ISIS while creating another Shia election in Iraq with a worse Shia prime minister who announced, “No Sunni ministers in my administration, no Sunnis in any position in my Shia government.” ISIS got bigger and more vicious! The conclusion is simple: Bush and Obama pissed off the Sunnis so bad that ISIS’s anger almost conquered Iraq and Syria in 6 months….  with American tanks! Who gave them the tanks? Bush and Obama gave the tanks, out of generosity, to the Shia and they “gave” them to the Sunnis out of fear.. The American people need to learn a lesson from all these, never mind that you gave your tax money to killers of babies, electing uneducated  presidents is a crime. Voter, learning of the difference between Sunnis and Shia doesn’t take a rocket science, only a president with brains.

Is the rise of ISIS something you should be concerned about?

September 27, 2014

Yes, you should be concerned if you live in new York City or Chicago, it’s like being in the worse storm in a 100 years and you suddenly realize that your boat skipper is only a boasting speaker! Professor of Islamic Civilization Raphael Israeli says that Obama has a false perception of Islam that may prolong the fight with ISIS as a Sunni movement. America is threatened. Islam is not a peaceful religion as Obama claims, says professor Israeli. ISIS barbarism is a Sunni Islamic phenomenon since 638 AD. ISIS has a politically elected Caliphate and as such has always bloodied the spiritually inherited Imamate of the Shia. Sunni hate for the Shia is greater than their hate for the Jews, he says.

There are fifteen Sunnis for every Shia person in the world. Sunnis are more prone to becoming suicide bombers than the Shia do. So far, many more Sunnis have become suicide bombers and their targets tended to be civilians and random. Not believing any of these religious and cultural differences between the 2 groups, Obama may not know how to use US resources to protect Americans. Obama is delusional about Islam as Bush and Clinton were. We are in for a bloody long haul.

I will not be surprised if this fight between radical Islam and America is the beginning of world war three. If that is the case, Obama as a triggering leader will follow in the footsteps of the other 2 Democrats in the White House (Wilson and Roosevelt) who started world war 1 and 2. And, this is not just my opinion, Authoritarian leaders, even in your group or family,  tend to test the resolve of democrats (perceived as weaker personalities) than republicans. Do you want peace in the world, elect a Teddy Roosevelt again and again and again.