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Who caused ISIS to rise?

October 2, 2014

The question who caused ISIS to rise is like asking who was a worse president Obama or Bush? The surprising answer is  Bush, although Obama is a close second in being ignorant about Sunnis and Shia. The first mistake Bush made when he deposed Saddam, he dissolved Saddam’s Sunni army. The Sunni Generals were suddenly out of work. But, for them to start brutal ISIS Bush’s stupidity had to be classical! You see, Bush, who loves importing deadly democracies, decided to create a Shia election in Bagdad and let the new Shia prime minister El Maliki kill the Sunni Generals! He did a few, and Bush invited El Maliki to the White House as an unknown reward to the Shia PM killing Sunnis. Now the hiding Sunni Generals really got pissed off and started ISIS small to fight the Shia.  Bush left office believing that he brought the Sunnis and Shia together (idiot). Obama came in and started bombing ISIS while creating another Shia election in Iraq with a worse Shia prime minister who announced, “No Sunni ministers in my administration, no Sunnis in any position in my Shia government.” ISIS got bigger and more vicious! The conclusion is simple: Bush and Obama pissed off the Sunnis so bad that ISIS’s anger almost conquered Iraq and Syria in 6 months….  with American tanks! Who gave them the tanks? Bush and Obama gave the tanks, out of generosity, to the Shia and they “gave” them to the Sunnis out of fear.. The American people need to learn a lesson from all these, never mind that you gave your tax money to killers of babies, electing uneducated  presidents is a crime. Voter, learning of the difference between Sunnis and Shia doesn’t take a rocket science, only a president with brains.

Is the rise of ISIS something you should be concerned about?

September 27, 2014

Yes, you should be concerned if you live in new York City or Chicago, it’s like being in the worse storm in a 100 years and you suddenly realize that your boat skipper is only a boasting speaker! Professor of Islamic Civilization Raphael Israeli says that Obama has a false perception of Islam that may prolong the fight with ISIS as a Sunni movement. America is threatened. Islam is not a peaceful religion as Obama claims, says professor Israeli. ISIS barbarism is a Sunni Islamic phenomenon since 638 AD. ISIS has a politically elected Caliphate and as such has always bloodied the spiritually inherited Imamate of the Shia. Sunni hate for the Shia is greater than their hate for the Jews, he says.

There are fifteen Sunnis for every Shia person in the world. Sunnis are more prone to becoming suicide bombers than the Shia do. So far, many more Sunnis have become suicide bombers and their targets tended to be civilians and random. Not believing any of these religious and cultural differences between the 2 groups, Obama may not know how to use US resources to protect Americans. Obama is delusional about Islam as Bush and Clinton were. We are in for a bloody long haul.

I will not be surprised if this fight between radical Islam and America is the beginning of world war three. If that is the case, Obama as a triggering leader will follow in the footsteps of the other 2 Democrats in the White House (Wilson and Roosevelt) who started world war 1 and 2. And, this is not just my opinion, Authoritarian leaders, even in your group or family,  tend to test the resolve of democrats (perceived as weaker personalities) than republicans. Do you want peace in the world, elect a Teddy Roosevelt again and again and again.

Iraq In the Shadow of 911!

June 19, 2014

Knowledge of Islam is lacking in the White House. The PhD’s in political science that Obama hired to guide his decisions don’t understand that both the Sunnis and the Shia hate the Americans, not just the Sunnis who perpetrated 911. Arabs in general are jealous of American power, success story, high standard of living. It is a raw pure extreme cultural envy. 911 was an attempt to damage the evidence of jealousy, American business success model, plain and simple. Having said that here is the mistake those Obama’s PhD’s made: They assumed that because it was the Sunnis that attacked 911 the US should support the Shia. Bush went and killed Saddam Hussein the evil Sunni from Tikrit and destroyed his Sunni city that administered the dictatorship in Iraq (Tikrit today is again the leader of the rebellion against the Shia, like 40 years ago!). Obama continued to support the Shia in Iraq against the evil Sunnis who killed the 3000 Americans in New York. You see, 911 set the tone for American support for Al Maliki the Shia dictator.  No matter the fact that he destroyed the Sunnis in Iraq Obama liked him and invited him to the White House. Aside from 911 the Sunnis are not more evil than the Shia toward America – but 911 set the tone. Bagdad today lives in the shadow of 911 waiting for American planes to drop bombs on the advancing Sunnis.

Obama, you need psychology PhD’s, not political science PhD’s in the White House. A much better policy would be to divide Iraq for 10 years into 3 autonomous federal zones: Sunni, Shia and Kurds. These guys need time to learn to share power. Obama, your idea of forcing these 3 groups to share power now will fail and lead to more bloodshed. Enough is enough. Hire new PhD’s this time in Sociology. People who have a history of animosity cannot just sit down and make peace because an American arrogant prez. said so. I call it stupid idealism. You sent Kerry to make peace between Israel and the Arabs and it made things worse. When are you going to learn that the Sunnis and the Shia in Iraq will not suddenly love each other because some not-very-smart American president asked them to. If you bomb the Sunnis because Al Maliki asked you to stop them the Sunnis will hate American even more. In Islam, no foreigner can take sides with impunity!

Here are the psychological FACTS how Obama screwed up Iraq!

June 19, 2014

Obama brought the American troops back from Iraq in 2011 like he promised on his first election day in 2008. He will bring the American troops back from Afghanistan in 2015 like he promised on his second election day in 2012. Obama will be considered a “good” president for 8 years because he kept his promises. Don’t hold him to it, he did not promise that Iraq will stay a peaceful Shia dictatorship “democracy.” He knew it won’t but he didn’t care. He got elected. He did not promise that Saddam’s Sunnis from Tikrit will not join ISIS and run Bagdad and kill Al Maliki. They will try. He did not promise that the Taliban will not take over Afghanistan when the American leave. They will. Let us be clear. Obama kept his promises. He brought the troops back. He is not stupid. He knew that the Sunnis will come back in both places. He knows right this moment that the Taliban will come back to Kabul. Obama cares only that he got elected twice on promises that he kept. He knew that the American voters believed in his leadership that Iraq and Afghanistan were prepared by Obama for great democracy with American blood. CEO Obama deserved our stupid votes of gratitude. He accomplished his mission (like Bush did). He keeps his promises, doesn’t he? It’s like you bought a million shares in HIS company, the US, and they are worthless now. You lost your self-respect but kept your gullibility. Will you vote Republican in 2016? Hell no, they are worse. You will vote for Hilary Clinton for president because she will make the next generation of stupid promises to pacify Iraq and Afghanistan in 2016 and you will believe her like you believed Obama.  She won’t do right, but her looks, sex and eloquence will prevail as if she did – while millions will continue to die around the world because of our votes (I don’t vote for jerks). After all you want your vote for these 2 jerks to count for more than death and destruction around the world. Listen voters, you made your decisions wrong when it counts, something akin to what Dr. Kahneman the Nobel price winner calls System 1 heuristic error (feeling right when you vote). I don’t want you to just suffer untill one day you get it. Get it now! Buy Kahneman’s book this week. System 2 is the only way to make correct life and death decisions. Americans die on foreign battlefields and in domestic hospital beds because the American people elect jerks for presidents and appoint medical school doctors not well-trained to make the right decisions. At least I hope you made the right decisions in your life when you married and invested your money. If not,  get Kahneman’s book this week. Time to move to the right!

To understand Syria’s civil war you must go back to 661 AD.

August 29, 2013

Muhammad died in 632. Two rivals were chosen as Caliph and Imam by the first generation believers, Abu Baker, a close friend of the prophet as the first Caliph and Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law as the first Imam. Ali was assassinated in 661 AD which started the bitter historical feud between Sunnis and Shia to this day. In Syria, 20% are Shia Alawites and 80% are Sunnis. Assad is a Shia. If he loses the civil war his 20% Shia Syrians will be in danger of a massacre. If Assad wins, the Sunnis will be oppressed, have no voice and some will die. No one knows 100% if Assad used the Chemical weapons on the Sunnis, only 99% that he did, but that is not the ultimate issue here. The West doesn’t understand that the feud between the Sunnis and the Shia in Syria is fundamental – no group will give in to the other without being defeated in battle! Here is the solution:

To avoid more civilian deaths, especially innocent women and children, Syria should be temporarily divided into Shia and Sunni autonomous zones (like in Cyprus) for 5 years or untill they learn to relate as Syrians while things quiet down. That will give the UN, the people and western powers time to build a democracy so people can live in peace and prosperity. Would that happen? Probably not, you see, politicians have many misconceptions about human relationships and are too lazy to think straight. Their value system is off from the moment they get selected or elected or appoint themselves!

Obama has been reelected today and is ready to reshape the world!

August 12, 2012

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney today selected inexperienced Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. On a Likert scale of electability this selection would be for Romney a “-3” and for Obama’s a “+3” if he keeps Biden as his VP for the second term.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for Obama who will be reelected for four more disastrous years. Mitt Romney’s behaviour as a presidential campaigner is a less dynamic, inclusive and eloquent than Barack Obama’s behaviour but I’d vote for him as the lesser of two evils out of compassion for Israel. On a Likert scale of electability Romney’s poor appeal to voters would be another “-3.”

I am so sure of my psychological and historical analysis that Obama will be reelected for four more years that I will put my reputation as a psychologist on the line. Obama’s Achilles heel will be   his right-wing foreign policy, not his left-wing domestic policy. The losers will be Iran, Israel and Shia Islam in general (Obama’s upbringing is Sunni). The winners will be Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians and Sunni Islam in general. I am only talking about the next four years, not the peace and prosperity that comes after 2016 when Obama leaves the political scene. That prophecy I leave to Biblical scholars.