Behavioral profiling: The case of the disappearing 777 III

This is the third segment of this mystery. I am encouraged because it seems that the investigators are not totally inept. They have began to notice the importance of behavior in solving the problem. what amazes me is that they discovered that the airplane itself has a “behavior” too. It continued to fly (behave) for 4 hours after someone in the cockpit turned off (behavior) the radar. The plane veered sharply to the left and continued to send engine signals (engine behavior). So, it seems that the investigators noticed various ‘behaviors” of various elements that I predict will help them solve the mystery. These behaviors indicate the following, 1) The plane did not behave like a sick person or a dying person (no mechanical failure), 2) the pilot and co-pilot misbehaved (terrorist connection, only very skilled pilots could divert such a complicated plane from its flight plan), 3) The airport personal behaved in a clumsy risky way letting possible terrorists aboard.

For the reader of my blog: Study behavioral profiling of different things untill you become an expert on your behavior (body language, gestures, face expressions, etc.), machine behavior, robots, animals, planets and God. As an immigrant to the US I became a dedicated behavioral psychologist for 40 years (for the last 12 years I became a successful behavioral economist, speaking at Universities in 3 countries). Master behavior and you will be happy, rich and healthy. You will also be able to solve the mystery of the disappearing 777.


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