The Zombie plane: The case of the disappearing 777 V

I want you to understand how the news of the disappeared 777 plane unfolds into multiple dead ends. Today is Saturday, March 22, 2014, two weeks after the vanishing act of the Malaysian jumbo jet with 240 screaming and texting people in it. How is that act possible in our age of electronic surveillance?  The “experts” on CNN today uttered a verbal behavior that said it all,  “It is hard to establish eye contact with pieces of debris in the Indian ocean in order to identify them.” (This stupid statement belongs in the 16th century). But that stupid statement is pale compared with the new theory floating on CNN by an “expert” whose name will stay “hidden.” He says that it is possible that the electricity went out on the plane, oxygen evaporated and the plane with the dead flew untill it went out of fuel and landed somewhere like a “zombie plane.” (This behavior of a plane is improbable).  The fact that editors decided that this is “news,” triggered me to decide that it is zombie news. Ladies and gentleman. In the 23rd century we will have one credible editor who allows only valid new that will replace the multiple sources of zombie news, but not today. Why?

Zombie news sell commercials! I want you to understand how successful news station stay successful: By fabricating “zombie news” that keeps you watching commercials (and me posting) that make money for the news companies. That’s it! Money talks! Think money! You got it! If the news reported was only valid (like in WW2) this generation of sensationalism seeking cartoon minds would tune out and CNN would lose its income. So, if a so-called expert come up with a zombie theory it is instantly news because it brings in commercials, not because it is really news! Do we have a solution to this phenomenon? No, we don’t, short of turning off the TV set, a good behavior. The age of sensationalism creates a zombie news that brings in the cash. I love it because after all I am a cynical psychologist. I will get serious when you, yes, you, adopt Behavioral Aviation strategy (BAS) to find a disappearing 777. Meantime, have a good zombie flight of fancy!



2 Responses to “The Zombie plane: The case of the disappearing 777 V”

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