Wait til they find oil or gas in the Crimea and you’ll really have a war there! The Crimea is an island connected to Russia by a mile or two of land and to the Ukraine by 3-4 miles of land, slivers of land good enough for trains, roads,  a strong commerce or unity with either one, sure better for flow of goods and services than the distance between Alaska and the US.  Geography then is not a problem for Crimean alliance with either Russia or Ukraine. But, ethnically the vast majority of the people in the Crimea are Russian speaking because the territory was Russian till 1954, so this 26,000 square km island should be returned to Russia. Furthermore, Ukraine parliament tried to ban the Russian language from an officially an equal status with the Ukrainian language in the Crimea, pissing off the Russian population there (Can you imagine if  Quebec  banned English?). The people went out demonstrating for independence, after all the Crimea was part of Russia until 1954 when  Khrushchev, the had of the Soviet Union at that time, who was born in the Ukraine, gave the Crimea to the Ukraine (He thought that the Soviet Union would exist forever so why not give Crimea as a present to his homeland).  Now, the question for you is: Should you agree with Obama who ignored that fact of the gift? I don’t. I think that if my grandfather gave part of my home to his best friend as a present I would claim the place back for myself after my grandfather died, wouldn’t you? Well, I am not surprised with Obama’s decision. He is almost always on the wrong side of history (2 more years only)


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