The Malaysian plane: A case of murder or gap?

Chinese relatives of the passengers who vanished with the Malaysian 777 flight 370 from Kuala Lampur  to Beijing accused the airline and the government of Malaysia of such negligence that it practically meant murdering their loved ones. Do they have a legal a case? Can they win in court? I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer. I am a psychologist and I have to tell you: What you have seen here is a clash of two civilizations:Efficient Chinese with their high-tech and their great expectations and poor Indonesians who haven’t entered to modern age yet. The Chinese don’t understand the civilization gap between them and expect the Indonesians to handle the flight problems with high-tech efficiency. The Indonesians can’t even run their country efficiently. It is not their fault. Their culture is a chaotic mix of east and west and religions and corruption.  They didn’t murder any Chinese. They just never thought about checking out the state of mind of their pilots. and, they didn’t know how to run the radar system effectively in a difficult situation. And, telling the Chinese that their relatives are dead before there is 100% proof was plain cultural insensitivity. Do you want security, efficiency and safety, fly German Lufthansa or Israeli El Al airlines. Every time you fly with a plane ran by a third world country you are not safe, even a second world county is a compromise of your safety. We live in two worlds: Those who built the 777 and those who misbehaved flying it.

I hope that I brought to your awareness to choose carefully next time you fly: Who are your pilots?  Which country the airline is from?  The passengers that vanished were not murdered, their Indonesian care taking was not up to Chinese standards. Forgive them until their culture improves and raised up to Chines standard.



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