The 10% rule: Biotin in good for fighting cancer.

I just got off Google. I did not find the information I was looking for that Biotin fights cancer, so I researched it elsewhere and I am posting it here for the benefit of my perceptive visiting followers. I am a psychologist, as you know, not a medical chemist, so don’t take my word for it, check out the information I am giving out. Every cancer cell has an enzyme inside called CYP 1B1 (sip one be one) that you won’t find in healthy cells. Every edible plant that isn’t sprayed with pesticides and stays natural  has Salvesterol – a plant fungus fighting substance. When you eat these plants their Salvesterol enters your cancer cell looking for the enzyme CYP 1B1 that turns Salvesterol into a potent cancer cell killer without damaging healthy cells (unlike chemotherapy drugs). Eating food with biotin, for example, Saskatoon Berrie, strengthen your CYP 1B1 so it works better in turning Salvesterol into a cancer cell killer.

This information enters my 10% Rule today because it is not readily available to the public. Go to my 2 blogs, on finance and, the peaceful revolution blog and look up posts that mention the 10% Rule. Following these rules will help you discover how to propel your good life to the top-level of excellence in health, making money and great relationships. You should see my beautiful home I bought by using the 10% Rule asking the real estate agent for the one property he is saving for a special (smart) client! You should see my beautiful wife, the 1 of 10 who was looking in her  life for that special husband! Most women don’t. An ordinary investor friend of mine asked me in 2000 why I bought thousands of Apple shares? I said “It’s in the 10% Rule.” He just looked at me. Now, you will not have to just look at me…you’ll know how we smart dudes make decisions.  Put the “smart brain” in your life!


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