Cancer: Behave to get it or behave to get rid of it, it’s your choice!

I will write this post in such a simple way that even kids can understand where cancer comes from, what is it doing and where is it going? Cancer is a colony of terrorist cells. They are called “disorganized cells” in Oncology. They are born and raised in a chaotic household without protection, guidance, love and discipline. The biological authority called government (chromosomes and genes) gave up trying to control the cancer gang’s (tumor) behavior rampaging (metastasis) through the body’s nice, organized, happy, neighborhoods, killing everyone in sight, taking their “space” ( homes and property) and eating their food (energy). The healthy body eventually dies without energy because terrorists cells eat everything and live longer and are always on the move looking for nice neighborhood to invade and destroy. We humans create our cancer by mistreating our body, smoking, eating junk food, breathing polluted air, creating stress in our relationships and micromanaging our systems. Cancer cells thrive on being “disorganized” in such environment. Terror gangs can’t build organs (cities) or run an economy (distribute wealth). They need your cities, bodies, systems, etc.

Now, Let’s get a little technical so you will know that I am not just creating an interesting story to read. What I say is the truth. Take, for example, the food we grow to eat.  Your vegetables are depleted of selenium because there is no law to prevent farmers from buying cheap fertilizers to save money!  Salvestrol protect plants from pests and kills cancer cells in the body. You don’t get it unless you eat organic, which cancer cells hate. And, when you get cancer your oncologist gives you chemotherapy which cancer cells love because it helps them kills healthy cells (Cancer cells die too: Terrorists always expect “collateral damage.”). At the end the person dies needlessly.

The solution: There are enough special enzymes in your body (e.g., CYP 17) that can turn certain organic foods into powerful cancer killers, yes, it’s true, but there is no chance you can master it without doing your own research, like I did. I got cured of two cancers at 76! Now, with that statement you would make a big mistake interpreting what I said as just, “Oh, well, a “crazy opinion.” Yes, cancer can be cured if you know how to study enzymes and plants!


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