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Has Science Discovered God?

July 20, 2016

By definition, my reaction to this title above circling on the internet today would always be laughter. God has been identified scientifically in 1648 (Leibnitz) and had not been recognized by religious leaders ever since lest they lose their power and money. I read the articles…God was not been discovered in 2016! I wrote on my blog the truth about the discovery of God. Read it for yourself somewhere in my blog, but it would be very difficult for you to accept the truth because your mind will deny HIM. If by miracle you do accept the scientific truth of God your life would instantly change for the better. Mine has!! G(o)od luck dude.


Ukraine: The human mind.

April 19, 2014

They are cousins but they can’t live together in peace, some of them are brothers and they fight, some of them are Europeans highly educated, unlike fighters in Syria, and they still fight each other. After 42 years as a psychologist (Professor of Psychology, Rio Hondo College, 1972) I think it’s time for me to tell you about the human mind. It isn’t what you think it is:

Some people believe the human mind is God, deciding who lives and who dies. Some are even more wrong than that, inflicted by their Freudian ego, thinking their mind is them, themselves, as if they were born with it! But, worse of all, some people, even the educated, believe that all their decisions are made in their minds, all the risks they take in life are mind born, even their free-will is mental, even their spirituality is mental, even their soul resides in their mind. How ridiculous it is that people let their mind decide their reality. Buddha said, “The human mind is the slayer of the truth.” People believe their “stuff” is the truth. His solution was to meditate to quiet your mind to find the truth.” Freud said, “Mind is ego, the mediator between you and reality. Children who are raised to mediate their lives work.” Dr. Gordon Allport said, “The human mind becomes functionally autonomous with growth of neural complexity.” This notion is a similar idea to Hal 9000, the robot telling his creator that he is now the boss. By the way, Allport idea of functional autonomy of the human mind is true when people collapse the distinction between themselves and their mind when they say, “I think….,” instead of, “My mind thinks…..”  Now, let’s find out what the human mind really is (you may not like the truth because your mind won’t let you accept it):

There is no word for “Mind” in the Bible. Mind does not exist in scriptures. What exists is the word Machshava which is Calculator or Computer in English. The mind is actually the Software in your head, all the apps in the brain, which is an evolved super, super, super hardware. Most of the software in the human mind are obsolete or dysfunctional apps, but these apps are being slowly replaced by better ones. I predict that people in the 23rd century will understand this “stuff” by having better apps. I told you won’t like it became your mind won’t accept it, but those of you who accept the truth about the mind it will blows your mind away! Have a good day.

Believe in yourself!!!!!!

March 22, 2014

Why should you choose to listen to what Dr. Kinarthy says to you? There are 100 “shrinks” you don’t ever remember what they wrote or said. You should listen to me because I have proven that I know what it takes to find love, be happy, successful, healthy and live a meaningful long life. I know what I am talking about! I took a boat from Israel to the US in December 1960, I came with nothing, my shoes had holes in them and the snow froze my feet, I had no brains at 24 to even know how to spare a buck for a hamburger in Manhattan, negative attitude,  but I had huzpa to tell people off who questioned my dream, will it come through, my dream! I had a dream to get a PhD in behavioral psychology and define my life by what I do right, not by what I think wrong!

Believe in yourself!!!! I am now 77 and my dream has been fulfilled years ago! I’ll tell you that you don’t need to get a PhD in anything to believe in yourself!  Make your life big time by pretending that it is! What you need to do is learn to behave right, that’s it!! Behave! Yah, as simple as that! positive Behavior ! Never tell the truth to anyone if you can’t do something. Believe in yourself 100% and in your behavior 1000%. Show others that you are worth it, no matter what!!! Got it? No matter what!!! Pretend if you have to play Shakespeare. If you don’t feel right about yourself, make sure that no one knows! Pretend again and again! Dr. Jerome Bruner the great psychologist said it all when he proclaimed, “Lie in the service of the truth, buddy, pretend that you are OK.  Be alright because you say so, don’t tell the truth if it’s bad, follow Shakespeare’s Life’s a stage and I am an actor. What else can I tell you: Believe in yourself  in your behavior, not in your mind, there you never will win, no one does except when they pretend what they do. Self confidence is an appearance that sips in, it’s a behavior. My study shows that you start laughing as soon as you get what I say in its depth. The truth about life makes you laugh. I know, you won’t get sympathy if you pretend to feel great. I quit smoking 40 years ago by pretending that it was easy to do and got no sympathy. That is how my dream turned into a reality, through a pretended behavior! If you don’t understand what I am saying to you, that’s OK. My old dream is a reality. I live in a palace. I conquered stage four prostate cancer and bone cancer. I have a beautiful aquatic instructor wife who is smart and loves me. I have four kids. Hay, you can do it too, show that you believe in yourself through verbal and nonverbal behavior only, that is all you need to do. Do you still feel that you want to know why? Hey…get out of here…

Why can’t Israel form a coalition right now?

March 1, 2013

If you think it’s because Yesh Atid (19) and Habait Yehudi (12) don’t like Haredim(12), you are wrong.

If you think the Right and the Left can’t be in the same government, you are wrong.

If you think it is important to know who is Haredi and who is not, you are wrong.

Actually you are wrong with any thought inside the box. You got to get outside of the box.

If you do you could form a happy government in one hour! You can make everyone happy!


Have two leaders from each political party in the Knesset (including Arabs, Communists, etc) sequestered in a nice room with a view at the Tel Aviv Hilton from 8 AM till 12 PM (with a 10 minute break every 2 hours) on an agreed upon day (Wednesday is good, Saturday is great, Monday sucks, Friday…only if God wills it). All food and drinks will be served kosher. The Chairperson will announce the rules, so strict that anyone who breaks a rule his party will have to pay a fine of 40,000 Shekel to the national treasury, two rules 80,000, three rules 120,000, and so on.

Rule 1)  The only language spoken in the room will be Hebrew.

Rule 2) The participants must sign a legal document that they will abide without reservation by the unanimous decisions of the  five observing judges (a philologist, linguist, behavioral psychologist, language expert, etc.) selected from three distinguished universities in Israel.

Rule 3) The participants must stay respectful towards each other. Questions and answers are encouraged. Name calling, bad gestures, accusations, or refusal to response to one another will cost a participant 4,000 Shekel.

Rule 4) Anything that a participant says or does must focus on behavior, not concepts, beliefs, assumptions, etc. The Judges will correct you and make sure that what you say includes at least one behavior and one fact. You are not allowed to emit a sentence that has no behavior in it. For example, you are not allowed to say “You are wrong” (it’s not a behavior). You can’t even say “I feel that you are wrong.” A feeling is not a behavior either. You may say, “Your behavior is unacceptable to me.”  Good luck, don’t be a party poopers..

Dr. Daniel Kahneman’s System 2: Making sense of perceiving something, observing it, agreeing/disagreeing, point of viewing, having a position and experiencing.

September 9, 2012

Dr. Daniel Kahneman is the only behavioural psychologist that ever received the Nobel prise in economics, triggering jealousy, anxiety, rejection of psychological research and out right animosity among most classical economists.  He received the Nobel prize in economics for his research finding that humans do not usually make logical or rational decisions in business and investing, even court decisions are flawed! Humans are emotional. Most of their decisions are heuristic (System 1), but those who make decisions based on science and statistics (System 2) are usually more moral, fair and successful.

I drove home an hour ago from my usual Sunday meeting discussing the Jewish world. My friend John and I disagreed on a political issue. Our friend  Jerry turned to us and said, “This is the first time that I see you two disagree on anything.” I decided to post the scientific and statistical truth about human disagreements. For 10,000 years people went to war with each other because of disagreements. Today, friends split and families break up because of disagreements. I hope that after you read this important scientific posting, you will understand what geneticists call the evolutionary flaw of human perception, ie., that each mind’s hardware thinks that its observation is the observation. I am guilty of it, you are guilty of it, we all are guilty of it. We can’t help it (its genetic), but once we understand perception mathematically we become more tolerant of other points of viewing a phenomenon.

Let us begin to understand Kahneman behavioural genius:

Draw a perfect circle and count the equal number of degrees of freedom on the curved line: 360 degrees? 385%? 34%? How many degrees? Each of these 360 equal positions on the circle line has an equal distance to the center of the circle where you place a phenomenon to be observed and judged (if your life is 100% heuristic you lose perspective of mathematical reality. The extreme manifestation of distorted perception of reality is when a weak person or nation declares war on a strong person or nation with the hope to win (watch the play the mouse that roared), knowing that he is going to lose. A mild manifestation of distorted perception of reality is when a husband picks up a verbal fight with his wife believing he would win…ha, ha, ha). Here is an example from my life: My Catholic friend believes that abortion is murder. I don’t. System 2 would say that he observes the phenomenon from one side of the circle and I observe it from the opposite side. If he convinces me that he is right…I will have to move on the circle, replace the dude and take his position (a degree cannot be split. You can’t have 361 degrees unless you are heuristic). My response to people on the other side of the circle from me is usually, “Would you like a cup of coffee or tea? How is your mom? Hey, what’s happening in Timbuktu?” (called the inappropriate response in psychology). Try it you’d like it. It will keep you out of trouble, free your time  and keep you living in the truth (System 2). The only way to know the center of the circle is not to argue about it but to move in and experience it. 1980: an EST workshop with Werner Erhard in San Francisco, a participant asked  “What’s a tree.” Werner took him by the hand and they walked outside and hugged a tree. It blew my mind away when they returned and he opened a book and said, “and now let’s learn the concept “tree.” I have been hugging a lot of things ever since, ha, ha, ha.

Psychological analysis of Genesis chapter 4!

August 19, 2012

This posting is mainly for people who believe in the story of Genesis. You will gain insight into your relationships from my analysis of the first murder in Biblical history. By the way, I will not analyse what believe in the Genesis means, I leave that to you although it is a key as  to how much benefit you can get from my analysis of the story However, those of you who do not believe in the Bible can still get some benefit from my analysis of why Cain murdered his brother Abel. For both groups, the first thing you have to understand is that the writer of Genesis was human (although highly spiritual) and he or she could have chosen many other psychological reasons than jealoussy for the murder. The fact that he chose jealousy means that in order to improve your relationships you have to take jealousy out of the equation! Human feelings of jealousy explain why more successful individuals, racial groups, ethnic groups, nations, religions, cultures, and wealthy people are usually hunted by less successful ones. There is no question that grilled lamb chops would stimulate more of the six senses in an authority figure than an average offering of brocoli. Now, Cain could have chosen delicious figs and grapes as his offering to God, but even than a ritual offering of roasted lamb with its aroma would beat any grilled or not grilled vegetable. Feelings of jealousy in humans are unavoidable. It is built into all human relationships. The feeling cannot be prevented, but the behaviour of less successful people hurting the more successful ones can! How? Two ways: 1. Education, and 2. strength. If Abel used his knife (he had a weapon he used to ward off animals that try to attack his sheep) to kill Cain in self-defense, history would have been different.  Jealousy may not have been chosen as so powerful a force in relationship to a father figure. A sweating older son, a poor farmer whose  land did not produce quality food, would not have been chosen as the killer and his wealthy younger brother, who raised great sheep with love and care, would not have been chosen as the slain son.

Were you  so immersed in my cute story that you forgot why I wrote it? I hope not. Start by teaching children who do not do well in school not to act out against children who do well (you can’t teach them not to be jealous). Teach children who do not learn as well as others not to drop out of school and start hurting nerds. Teach them to stay in school and take remedial education. Teach children not to be so at awe about authority figures (authoritarian societies don’t achieve). And, finally, teach children who do well in school how to defend themselves physically if attacked. I feel strongly about this because I was a smart and gentle teenager when I was growing up and the bullies always picked up fights with me, stole my lunch box, called me sissy and kicked me out of the basketball team. That is, until I learned the martial arts!

The best thing that you can learn from the story of Genesis, chapter 4, is that if you are a high achieving person learn to defend yourself physically. Others who can’t compete with you successfully will then not hurt you but will choose you their leader. Can you imagine if Abel twisted Cain arm as Cain was trying to murder him, and said, “If you try to kill me again I will break your neck.”


December 31, 2009

the following 🙂 🙂  I felt that I had to get your attention to the fact that there is  one rule in nature that if you follow it, your life becomes instantly amazing! Tonight is New Years Eve and what’s a better evening to remind you of that rule. But, there is a catch, as always in human nature, the more all encompassing, all powerful, all meaningful, all amazing a natural law is, the more people will mold it to fit their belief and render it powerless to help. I will give you a perfect example: Jesus should always look like Jesus no matter what anyone says, even the Pope, no question about it,  but if Jesus had seen what we did with his image, he’d laugh his head off seeing his image in 5 human races, fifty different faces, and 500 places all claiming  to be his!

That is why I will challenge you a few times before I give you the rule, to see if you are willing not to mold the rule to fit your perception of it –  but to follow it, as is, and experience an amazing instant change in your life!.

Challenge One: Think! What could possibly be that natural law that could make an instant difference in your life? Send me a concrete answer. I will respond to the best answers in January on this blog, then proceed to the next challenge.