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March 26, 2015

There are 2 reasons I don’t post as often as I did last year. One is that I am working on a paper on how to cure cancer the best way for a Berlin Symposium August 2-5 and two is that I don’t get many responses to my incredible postings, except “you are arrogant.” I describe an easy cure for cancer and only one group is barely interested. I will give the reasons for the Germanwings plane crash and how to prevent it in the future and only one or two reader would respond. Why should I bother unless you wake up to the truth?

The reason I am writing today is because I am upset by all the “experts” on CNN and BBC who “explain” the plane crash. They don’t understand at all! Here are the facts, 1) The plane’s door was designed by an airplane engineering committee that refused to consult behavioral psychologists, frequent flyers and pilots in designing the door. There is arrogance against psychology in American and European societies. I once quit a school designing committee whose architect Chair said, “We don’t need an industrial psychologist, a parent, a student or a school administrator to join this committee!”, 2) The airline insurance policy excludes psychologists from their committees because they don’t believe in Thorndike’s Law of Effect that would say that if insurance pays the airline more than the full replacement cost of a plane that crashed, that would increase the probability of more crashes!, 3) I resent this morning commentators on CNN and BBC playing psychologists, “You can’t really understand the behavior of the co-pilot.”  This pessimistic attitude that permeates Europe and America media in this century affect people profoundly. We are getting too gloomy. We need the optimist Teddy Roosevelt back, 4) Society hates psychology. All the other explanations for human behavior not withstanding, the only true explanation for the problem in the cockpit is airline executives stupidity. Can you imagine putting Obama and Netanyahu in the cockpit to fly a plane? Pilots and co-pilots must get the best psychological tests of cooperative attitude possible. Assigning pilots and co-pilots randomly to fly a complicated machine with 200 passengers is like you marry the devil and everyone celebrates the take off. Stupid! I did research for my presentation on behavior at UCLA and out of 30 PhD’s in the room not one thought it was important to comment or research why economists rejected psychologists after the 1929 Wall Street crash for 50 years!  You know something, as a maverick psychologist I can tell you one thing: People don’t like for psychologists to show them how they screw up things. All my professional life I was called Arrogant by people like Obama, who love to forgive professionals who screw up things. That is why millions voted for him again after he screws up a lot of things. Varum the plane crashed??  Because many airlines elect or appoint pessimists who have no use for psychologists to help make important decisions that save lives!


How to win or lose debates and arguments.

August 7, 2014

I chose this topic because I just watched a “bad” person “winning” a zero-sum political game against a “good” person on CNN. I walked  diligently to my computer and started writing because the topic of psychological power in conversations reminded me some of the “hot” topics I used to cover for 10 years as a psychological consultant to the National Enquirer magazine.

First, let me define for you good and bad people: According to the great psychologist Jean Piaget good people judge you by your intentions and the good stuff you produce, bad people ignore your good intention and minimize the good stuff you produce. Intentionality is a higher state of mind than concrete operations is on the moral and cognitive hierarchy of Piaget human scale

Now, what irritated me about the good person on CNN was his absolute refusal to get personal (pick at) his opponent who seemed to be indifferent to human suffering and showed no sympathy or empathy for human rights. Ladies and gentlemen, let me give you a great verbal weapon against cold and non caring individuals that you sometimes have to deal with in the media, your personal life or in your business: DON’T LET BAD PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH IT. The world will be more pleasant if you make bad people a little uncomfortable.

Please memorize: Bad people are much more sensitive to psychological needling of their negative characteristics  than good people are. As soon as they start their “bul…” develop the courage to get personal with finesse. I want you to develop examples, but here are a few that can get you started. The good person on CNN, at the right moment, could have said, “I am surprised that CNN allowed you on the air with your views.” Here is a good “begging the question,”  “Why do you like to distort the facts?” Here is a fine ad hominem,  “Do you even look at what you say?” “Do you read the name of the authors of the books you read before you read them?” “”You seem less informed on the subject at hand. Do you want to talk about something easier to understand?” And so on. Be creative and improve your skill of stepping on the psychological toes of bad people. I wish you watched how I interact with bad people. They seem to love to be polite and silent around me, I wonder why? Hey, if you are a good person I give you permission to go out and get respect, as Rodney Dangerfield used to say!

“I will slaughter every single blonde s**t I see,” said Eliott Rodger.

May 31, 2014

This 22-year-old good-looking man filmed a chilling short personal YouTube video expressing his extreme jealousy at men who are successful at having sex with pretty blonds. Also, he showed his extreme anger (hate) at the blond girls who chose to sleep with less good-looking men than he was. apparently, still a virgin at 22 because of his hostile attitude toward woman and a being a loner harbouring extreme envy at men, Eliott decided to go to counseling for a decade, a psychological practice that has no track record in preventing the development of an attitude of a mass murderer. His chief psychiatrist said, “I am sorry, but it is impossible for psychiatry to predict a murderous behavior.”  A panel of “experts” assembled by CNN concurred, discussing theories and reasoning about Eliott’s motives and sanity. Why would a young man without a police record go and purchase guns and murder 6 young men his age and a young woman and then take his own life?

You can already see  what is wrong with our mental health system. Here the professionals really sunk the Titanic of life and death. Do you want to understand why? Do you want to be the lucky one in your relationships? Go to my postings on jealousy and mental health, starting with why Caine murdered his only brother Able in Genesis. I want you to get it quickly. It is an easy one and can help you in your relationships. Jealousy is the reason behind every bad behavior, yes, behind every bad behavior. The psychiatrist can’t understand it, the psychologist doubt my statement, and CNN can’t get it either, my God, if you (billions) can’t get it either there is no hope for  creating wholesome satisfying human relationships!!! (more…)

End the ignorance about mental illness, segment II

December 15, 2013

I wasn’t going to post a next segment to my “End the ignorance about mental illness,” but I just turned on CNN and watched the painful story about a mother complaining about the stigma her son has to endure because he was labeled mentally ill. For a moment I was encouraged because I thought she would add, “The stigma hurts 10 times worse being a prejudice caused by culture and not a true medical science.” I wish she said, “My son is not mentally ill, he just lacks the skills of coping in this society. Lt’s teach him those skills,”  but she didn’t say that. The mom was part of the belief system too. You can thank Freud for that, who convince psychiatrists 100 years ago that having a tested weak ego that shows difficulty coping is a sign of mental illness. He made a pretty good living as a “shrink” who treated “mentally ill” people – unsuccessfully but rationally.

End the stigma: Please ladies and gentlemen, parents, friends and government officials, please put the so-called mentally ill individuals in what behavioral economists call “Choice architecture” situations where work is available(first free, then for pay) and opportunities to make friends are abundant, and you will see a miracle! You care, don’t you? The only people who benefit from the 100 billion mental illness industry are the insurance companies, drug companies, the psychiatric associations (fully), the psychological associations (in part) and the economy. “patients, get a job and find love and these industries will lose their “shirt.” It is time to get more sophisticated about mental illness, folks. You can’t continue to brand anyone who can’t manage their affairs as good as you do “mentally ill.” Stop being prejudice. They are “behaviorally impaired” and not “Mentally ill.” Give people a break, they need dignity and not a stigma. The time has come to provide jobs to the people you labeled.

A psychological observation of a congressmen.

October 10, 2012

I took it easy this morning, Wednesday, October 10, 2012, getting up at 11 AM. I turned on the TV and there was a stupid CNN commercial insulting my intelligence, something about a duck. Usually, I switch channels because I consider CNN commercials childish and too long. Who wants to trade a minute of silly quacks for a minute of silly CNN socializing  masquerading as new? That kind of trade is not my cup of tea…. but, wait a minute, who is that handsome man staring at a witness, “No, you answer my question, Mr Smith, and stop posturing!”

Before I analyse the personality of congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, I have to tell you something about legal immigrants, as an assertive immigrant myself who made it big in the US, I consider most born Americans social push-overs, especially when facing slick government officials who can never-never admit making mistakes. Most congressmen do not  face their responsibilities to the American people. “Mr. Chairman, we at the State Department did our best to protect the life of our deceased ambassador to Libya.” “No, you didn’t, Mr. Smith.” I stared at the TV screen, Who is that Darrell Issa? How dare he pronounce the naked  truth in public, how dare he be himself, direct, not letting those that I pay their salaries get away with banalities! Darrell is a Lebanese-American Christian. His mother a Mormon and his father is Eastern Orthodox, a great combination for religious flexibility. He grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and worked for a Rabbi, a great combination for multicultural understanding. He was an officer in the US military,  served for 10 years and was cited for leadership,  a great way to shed off that terrible American civilian trait of no back bone social deference. He is self-made millionaire, the wealthiest man in congress, and, in his youth he got in trouble with he law, what an opportunity to learn about justice and forgiveness. All in all, in my analysis, if you had a few more congressmen like Darrell Issa, America would get more respect at home and abroad!

Iran: Classical Politics vs. Behavioral Politics

March 16, 2012

Having spoken about classical economics vs behavioral economics at UCLA last year, I will venture today to be the first social scientist to knowingly introduce classical politics vs behavioral politics on my peaceful revolution blog. It is hilarious that David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister introduced behavioral politics on CNN yesterday without knowing that his statement on Iran was behavioral politics and not classical politics. He said, “They can have civil nuclear power if they give up their mission of having military nuclear power.”  That is a behavioral politics statement by a statesman. Here is the same thought expressed by the majority of classical politicians – your elected people who don’t understand human relations, “Iran has the right to have nuclear power like any other nation.”

I do not think that David Cameron’s statement will be discussed by the classical political panel of CNN. They are all classical commentators, none of them is behavioral. But if by miracle they did peace may still prevail in the world. Watch them and see if they discuss the derivative behavioral issue: Do scientists know 100% the LINE not to cross between activity that would lead to nuclear military power and peaceful nuclear activity that could be used to generate electricity and in medicine? If the answer is yes, then the only question remains is, “will the international nuclear watchdog commission get 100% access to all  Iran nuclear facilities? If the answer is yes peace will prevail. If the answer is no, war will prevail. Take your pick.

I have crystalized for you an issue that will affect your life in the future (not just gasoline price). If you are a classical thinker you probably won’t get what I am saying. Time to switch to BEHAVIOR in every thing that you do or think about. If I get positive responses from you about this important posting, I will give you more example in your relationships between being a classical loser and a behavioral winner, e.g., “You are not listening to me, dear,” or “Please comment on what I said, honey, I respect your view.” guess which statement is classical and which one is behavioral. Please visit my blog again if you know the difference!

BP oil spill is a symptom of what’s wrong with our generation.

May 30, 2010

No, my analysis isn’t the garden variety of bull…that you like to watch.  My observation is a classic social psychology pilot study. I watched CNN coverage of the oil spill for a random day. I found out that only 15% of the time CNN reported on direct efforts to stem the flow of oil. Guess what the other 85% of reporting time was about? You guessed it… interesting “stuff” that didn’t do diddle  shit for the Earth but kept your neighbors watching and sending in their bull…emails (sure kept the commercials coming). I crave for the day that 15% of programming would be “soap” and 85% substance.

We need a new educational system before it is too late. People should get excited over scientific discoveries and achievements more than over what a celebrity said on Facebook about the oil spill. That would be the day that oil spills won’t happen or get stemmed in an hour!

Learning to fix things that go wrong is a function of what Americans like to watch on TV, it forms attitude: The “soap opera” created around events versus the  “Yank’s ingenuity” of fixing problems. We have changed for the worse as a culture. Are we heading towards a culture designed Armageddon? Let’s stop watching CNN unless they report 85% of the time how to solve problems!

Most of my “action” postings don’t get responses and most of my “soapy” stuff does, I will feel encouraged if this posting will – for the sake of our mother Earth.

Commercials do more damage to your mind than you think…

April 4, 2010

…to your mind, not my mind, cause I know what to do about commercials, and I will show you. How do you buttress your mind from the onslaught of commercials on TV? First, you need to know about the damage they cause to your thinking, sneaking in an apathetic  “coach potato” attitude toward life, emptying your pocketbook, and stifling  your ability to make rational decisions based on true  knowledge: Commercials are louder than what you are watching, and laud noise disturbs the mind and irritates the nervous system, creating a short fuse in relationships. Commercials appeal to fear and anger, creating a reactive personality. Commercials are “stupid.”  You see, the competition for your cash is so fierce in a capitalist economy that advertisers always think of a new “gimmick” to capture your compulsions, addictions, dreams (you know you will never look like that girl or that living room in the commercial). Some of the tricks of the trade are repetition of sentences, words, or the commercial itself (a form of brain washing), using strong visual effect (hypnotic), disturbing, ridiculous and popular scenes (clutter longer in memory), and lately, out of economic desperation, even using an outright demanding language to buy a product or else… (making you fearful and “sheepish”). Many of the commercials for products and services depict sports stars and other individuals you admire telling you what you want to buy! It isn’t your choice anymore! Americans have more garage sales than any other people, and please don’t tell me that it is because we have a two car garage. If you watch the “persuasive” commercials on CNN versus the “relaxed” commercials on the BBC, you will know what I mean

Here is what I do to protect my sanity. I love the shows, don’t get me wrong. I won’t give up watching TV, but I click “instant channel surfing” with a zest. I never, never, never, stay there letting an unwanted commercial invade my mind. I have convinced myself a long time ago that most commercials don’t really inform you. They are a form of invasion of sanctuary, the enemy in my family room that doesn’t care about my feelings, that’s out to improve a company’s rating, not my standard of living. Listen, you must perceive commercials as your adversaries to be able to instantly “surf” away into something more appealing to do for a minute!

Teacher to student, “You are a loser.”

March 15, 2010

The back and forth arguments on CNN about the incident was a low-level attempt to raise the ratings. The fact that a teacher called a student a “loser” shows that the teacher didn’t understand  the immense psychological power he had to shape students lives. It is the fault of the authorities that wrote the hiring instructions. For 27 years as a college professor I was told not to hire instructors on the basis of positive attitude or personality, only credentials, only credentials!

Do You Have the Right to Tattoo Your Children or Pierce Their Ears?

January 4, 2010

I was born in 1936. My experience teaching child development in college goes back to 1973. For 10 years since I cured my prostate cancer, I start my day by watching CNN while making myself a hot cereal that keeps me young, healthy and happy, but it’s becoming difficult for me to let go of what callers say on various issues, not just health issues, that come up in society. My blog, started in order to clarify behavioral finance issues. My blog started in order to clarify relationships issues. My blog started in order to clarify psychic phenomena issues. I did not have a blog to shed light on all other life’s issues – until this moment, yes, right now!  I have decided to make my half a century of profound knowledge and experience available to you free. I want people to get a new education, the kind of valuable education they should have had in high school or college and never did!

Let’s start with today’s issue on CNN: Do you have the right to tattoo your kids and pierce their ears?

The perfect answer goes back to the foundation of societies. Throughout history human beings got together and formed governing bodies to protect themselves and regulate their economies. The original purpose of government was only to provide a safe environment, free health care, and regulate the economy in such a way that everyone had equal employment opportunity.  That’s it!

You have the right to tattoo your kids, pierce their ears, impart your culture to them, as long as your behavior does not compromise their health, happiness or employment opportunities. You can’t use the same needle for both kids. You can’t tattoo them if you live in a community where employers don’t hire boys with earrings, men with tattoos, women with purple color hair, or foreign women who cover their faces. You have the right to impart your culture to your kids only if it does not interfere with their greater right to personal freedom, health and prosperity where they live.

The same goes in reverse. If your teenager who lives at home wants to wear purple hair, paint your white poodle purple, or tattoo her arm, you have the right as a parent to say, “As long as you live in my home, you have to abide by my rules.” my home is my Castle, as bugs bunny used to say in the famous cartoon. The bottom line is, freedom of self expression is sacred only as long as it does not interfere with physical health, mental health, financial health, or with a person’s right to persue happiness, ingrained in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution!