ACLU sues a school for students not learning to read.

I post this one because I care a lot for the less successful readers of my websites and blogs who have not switched yet to a behavioural approach to life, I mean it, as soon as you have this incredible paradigm shift in your life you will see the difference. Issue will clear up and decision-making will work better. In the example above, the answer is “yes, sue the schools. If you win in court the children will win in the classroom. Teachers will not change obsolete teaching practices unless someone makes them accountable for children learning to read.” In fact, the ACLU should sue parents for “negligent upbringing.” (if you oppose this idea you care less about kids than I do). The issue is not about money for schools, it is about hiring teachers whose behaviour in the classroom demonstrates that they go the extra mile for the kids. Retrain the others or fire them. Listen, education is the only way to the good life for most kids. ACLU, please sue the hell out of the schools until principles, teachers and boards realize that the future of the kids in the playground is in their hands. I feel very strongly about it because if it wasn’t for a few dedicated teachers I wouldn’t be wealthy and happy today. Hey, if you are still against using drastic measures to get teachers to teach better, then you live in an illusion better have a more effective way. Let me tell you as a psychologist, go to my early posting and pick up about 10 postings I had about C-MOR, C-MOE or C-MOB. Why? Don’t you want your one chance on this earth to be your best? Yes, I am a crusader, a crusader for kids. Parents and teachers will do a much better job with kids if they get rewarded for doing the good job – and get reprimended if they don’t. Reward by itself never works, punishment by itself never works. ACLU better find how to reward  the schools that decide to change after the principal, teachers and board pay the fines!


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