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Look at the people who fired Steven Jobs and learn about the people around you!

October 6, 2012


  • A.C. Markkula Jr. = vice chairman Echelon Corp, trustee Santa Clara Univ
  • Peter O. Crisp = various boards US Trust, American Superconductor
  • Philip S. Schlein = Napa wine business, son at Kleiner Perkins Caufield
  • Arthur Rock = venture capital Arthur Rock & Co
  • Henry E. Singleton = died in 1999
  • John Sculley = venture capital Rho Ventures

Let me give you four profound lessons that you can follow on the anniversary of Steven Jobs death (October 5, 2011):

1. Lesson one:Don’t dismiss the dude that acts differently even if you get defensive by his/her behaviour: Open our eyes: The six executives above who Kicked Steven Jobs out of Apple  were smart and experienced CEOs, didn’t they see that they were firing the man who could bring them fame and fortune as executives within the next 10 years? Did you ever get fired by a  so-called smart boss? Let me tell you somthing…sucess isn’t about being smart or experienced. It is about discovering the genius fellow around, the one out of 10 individuals you work with, partner with, marry with or what have you! I call success “living by the 10% rule,” the Chinese invented the rule during the Korean war when they needed the one out of ten American POW who could think (was not the Captain)!

2. Lesson two: Stay away from people at the top who act properly and conventionally: Open your eyes:  People who get to the top the traditional way – are not part of the “10% rule,” they are the conventional 90% of all CEO that move around from company to company milking investors (happened a lot at HP and Yahoo lately). Jerks. Their only mission in life is to keep the status quo so they can feel secure in a stagnant system and secure for themselves the good life…and the hell with the company and new ideas.

3. Lesson three: If you are the Steven Jobs type, act properly and conventionally untill you get to the top and then make the big splash you dreamt about all your life. The people who would fire you, would now love you and follow you (the board that fired Steve, adored him later).

4. Lesson four: If you are just a guy but you want to be incredible, you want to make a difference, you care a lot about yourself and other people,the only answer I have for you is drop everything mundane and follow my blogs and websites until you join the 10% in your behaviour. Don’t work on your thoughts and feelings,you can’t win there, they will change latter by themselves. Work only on your verbal and nonverbal behaviour. Always act positive no matter what they say or do!!! Shakespeare said it all, “life is a stage and we are all actors.” Go for it! I gave you the key to the 10% group. Open the door of your mind and let your soul in. You are worth it!