Predictions: Romney and Obama.

Obama will win the debate tomorrow because his body language is superb, voice diction is soothingly exuding confidence and his ideas are not that terrible. Obama will win reelection in November because of Romney’s weakness,… he is too nice of a guy, but doesn’t care about the poor that much. Obama will bomb Iran one day because they won’t budge on anything: compromise is not a word that the ayatollah understand.  Obama could never balance the national budget because he is not out to destroy the middle class. The democrats will continue to be the majority party in the Senate because the voters run out of smart candidates. They have no good choices. Obama will not get you all employed no matter what he says – or does. Obama will win everything he desires with his charismatic rhetoric – and some things with his action.

Romney will lose the debate tomorrow because he is not as dynamic as Obama in his presentation. His body language suites the board room, not the voting booth…or a high stake debating team. Romney will lose the election in November because of both himself and Obama. Romney as president would never balance the budget, but could shrink the deficit more that Obama would. Romney could never bomb Iran, it’s simply not in his personality to bomb anything…his general anger energy level (the thing that motivates aggression) is half of Obama’s. The Republicans will continue to be the majority party in the House, albeit with a smaller number. Romney could not get you all working either. Romney is a too nice of a guy to be a president surrounded by wolves. Obama thrives on having enemies he can make into friends. Romney thrives on pretending to have friends among his business associates.

I am an American citizen. How would I vote? Did you have to ask? You are not kidding, are you? Well,  I couldn’t vote for anyone since Teddy Roosevelt, except for JFK in 1960 and look what happened. Teddy described a good president as someone who would “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” Since we are into that, how would I characterize Obama and Romney, you’d ask? Well, Obama is, “Walk softly and care a stick you’d hope you’d never have to use.” Romney is, “Walk very softly and carry a tough look.”



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