American logic may lead to unexpected war.

I want you to walk in your neighborhood and ask people the following question:  If your neighbor walk his rabid dog in the evening and his dog poops on your children’s play ground, is it the duty of th dog owner to clean the poop or is it yours?  Let’s say that the dog owner doesn’t like the neighborhood or just don’t like to clean poisonous poop, then you have two options, !) The neighborhood gets together, clean the poop at your expense and hope that the dog owner don’t walk the dog again in your neighborhood, or that the dog die from his own rabies, (Obama’s solution), and 2) Force the dog owner to clean up his dog’s poop from now own and post a bond for $10,000.00 that will automatically be deposited in the sanitary department as a donation if two residents witness the dog owner not picking up his dog’s poop. Case solved.

Let’s translate this silly story to illustrate how distorted is the thinking of Obama and the American people when it comes to Syria.

Ask Obama how he would react as a neighbor in a global village if his neighbor, father Bashar Assad, violated a neighborhood law against chemical use and crosses a red line gassing his own children with poisonings chemical poop deposited uncollected by his rabid dog. The neighborhood has two options: 1) Get together and clean the poop for Assad and have the neighbors pay the bill (Obama’s solution), or tell Assad to clean up his own poop at his own expense by Tuesday or he has to pay a $10,000.00 fine and go to jail.

Here is what the US decided to do (based on Obama’s speech): Ask Assad to let American and other inspectors in to face the line of fire while trying to clean his poisoners poop and we will pay the cleaning cost. The moral issue of dying children by gas is so important to us that we are willing to endanger the lives of 1000 inspectors, pretend to trust the leader who gassed his own children and even trust the Russian neighbor who suggested it and doesn’t like us.

If you havent guessed yet how overly optimistic, narrow-minded, risky in his decision-making, miscalculating outcome and short-sighted Obama is you will recognize it in a few weeks when the war erupts.

Sorry, I wish I didn’t have to write this piece, but someone has to show simple solutions that work: Never break rule number one in your life: don’t clean the mess your child did in his room. Make his clean it or you will become the stupid police man of the global family!




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