Beware of internet buying, why?

…because it violates the most sacred rule of the relationship between retailers and consumers. I got a feeling that you weren’t 100% impressed by my statement – to understand a rule that Dr. skinner discovered in 1940 and is actually number one law of nature is impressive. The problem with humans is that if you would get the most important rule of psychology from God himself it would have more impact on your life than if you got the number one law of nature from a mere human like me. Well, try to absorb it in any way, it will do you a lot of good. This guy on the internet complaint that he paid for 3 bottles of Cambogia Garcinia and they charged his for 5! He got two less bottles by mail and the sales lady was not nice to him when he called the company. Ladies and gentlemen, never pay the full price for anything before you get it, no matter what they say, capish! I know, some of you are not getting what I say, the nice people, those that get the short end of the stick in life and think that they didn’t cause it. It goes against nature for retailers to pay as much attention to you after a sale is completed as before the sale started, capish!

I am a psychologist. I spoke on various aspects the psychology of economics at UCLA (2011), Valencia (2012) and will speak at Rome (2014). My papers will appear in the proceedings of the institutions were I spoke. Follow my blogs to your own satisfaction. This posting is important. Let me stimulate you a bit. Did you know that your love relationship, money situation and health will improve ones you master the above. Let me repeat it is a different way. Think about what  happens in your life with him or her after love-making. Yes, that’s right, it’s not as pleasant or pleasurable as before. You can now pinpoint specifically to what you said or did that turned him/her off. Don’t do it again! Do you want to have a relationship with that woman/man in your life or do you want to have a relationship with the stupid genie in your head? Your love life is by far more important than the genie in your head…said a great philosopher 2400 years ago (Aristotle).

By the way, this posting was written for the internet consumer, but it applies also to the internet retailer. The man in my posting who lost money and didn’t get his product will not buy again from that company. According to studies, If you, the retailer, do a less than an A or B job with 20% of your customers, you will be sooner not later out of business! Do you know who is a retailer on the way to be  wealth::  a seller of products or services who satisfy each customer a !00% and end satisfing 90% of his customers, capish?


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