CNN interviews people with no solutions!

Innocent people are dying on army and navy bases at the hand of deranged gunmen and not one CNN commentator had a solution. What’s the matter with the experts, didn’t you ever take an intro. psy. 101  in college? I have a PhD but that is not why I know the answer what to do to stop the killing on military bases. This is a simple answer. Let’s see, you are in my college class. You are an oil student from a rich foreign country studying engineering in the US. You happened to be in Dr. Kinarthy’s class. You have to get an “A” for your education to continue to be sponsored by your government. You offer $10,000 to a local student who seem to know the subject matter of psychology. He refused to help you copy by moving his answer sheet a few inches closer to your chair in the back of the classroom. You think, “He doesn’t care about money,” But you know better. On the first day of class you heard the teacher warn the students about cheating or helping cheaters. Any student who helps another student cheat on an exam will get an automatic “F” in the class, and the case will be sent to his government and advertise in all the universities, and he may also be sued and have to pay the college expenses accrued from the case. In 20 years of teaching foreign or domestic students I had no cheating in my classes!

It is obvious to you by now that if the government arrests every person who gave a clearance to a person who murdered civilians on a military base, the clearance givers will think twice about giving clearances to suspects. Being accountable for your decision to give a clearance to someone who kills is not an issue for debate!!


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