Cancer and mental illness: The liberating secret!

You don’t have to have cancer to benefit from my insight about how cancer and mental illness are related. No, it isn’t at all what you think! You can have 10 PhD’s and you still won’t get it, so relax and listen. By the way, you don’t have to have a so-called mental illness either to benefit from my insight. Here is the liberating truth: cancer is a minor health problem if not metastasized, so say all the oncologists… and mental illness does not exist so say many psychologists including top guns such as Dr. Thomas Szasz and Dr. R. D. Laing. No, no, I don’t want you to leave and go back to your societal deception believing the opposite. Let me explain first:  Mental illness is a minor health problem , like cancer, if not expressed in behavior. If you love and work and think you can still be mentally ill because of weird behavior, take a psychology course. Hold a job and keep a boyfriend and you will be fine. And if you are not fine, have a doctor check your brain chemistry or “software,” not looking for a “mental illness.” And about cancer, if the tumor couldn’t metastasize, it will be like a benign tumor, just take it our, not even all of it. So, we are scared of cancer and mental illness only because the person and the tumor are behaving!  They refuse to be quiet! If you have these two problems, get a boyfriend, get a job, take CYP 17 or other appropriate enzymes and have a liberating party. I know, my story is a dramatic simplification of a bad situation. Well, it is, and your job is to benefit from the information anyway, and if I know that you got it the way it is, I’ll be happy for you!


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