“Women For Peace” and “Women Of the Wall;” what’s the difference?

Women For Peace (WFP): They said they were absolutely not political. Well, judge for yourself:  “We are a very democratic country,” they said. “And the problem is that if you look around at the people supporting this demonstration, you don’t see [religious people] who belong to the right-wing parties, and they are setting the political tone in Israel.”

The demonstrators were vilifying the “war loving” PM. They were shouting negative slogans in front of his home in Jerusalem. These leftist group despise the “right-winger” prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu. These people collect money all over the world to fight Netanyahu’s Likud, Bennett’s Bait Yehudi and Lieberman’s Israel Shelanu party. Again, they say, “but we are not political.” In my opinion, this group is a subversive NGO, not  really working for true peace.

Women Of the Wall (WOW): They demonstrated in front of the Welling Wall for equal access to the Wall by the Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Congregations. They carried Torah scrolls which the orthodox guards confiscated.

If you are Jewish or interested in Jewish affairs, know the distinction between the WFP and the WOW groups. By the way, it is good to know what all NGO’s stand for. These are relatively new nongovernmental organizations with political agendas (usually negative) who are growing all over the world like mushrooms after wars!


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