My God, it’s interesting, now its Dr. Carson vs. Gov. Pence…

Let’s face it, most young males talk “dirty” in private like Trump did, it’s nothing if you ran for office in Denmark, it’s terrible if you ran for office in the sexually uptight US because women will not vote for you here even if you’d make a good leader! What Hillary did is much worse –  to compromise the US national security, give me a break!  But, now here is an opportunity for Trump:  A more interesting issue than sex has developed. Pence declined to support Trump because he doesn’t want women in Indiana to vote him out of the governorship. Dr. Carson still supports Trump 100%. I think that Trump should replace Pence as a VP with Dr. Carson! T should appoint Dr. Carson as VP designate to replace Pence. WOW! With changing his strategy this way he can defeat Hillary and her media manipulations. Trump is a good man, father and husband but he is “juvenile” jerk and will have to grow up in the seriousness of the WH, it’s not a TV show, man! We need him in the WH because of Hillary’s personality. Voters, give up your sexual norms for  this weird election season, a change for the sake of our future. I know it’s hard, but think about lefties judges in the supreme court, Oh my God…late term abortion, no protection for the weak fellows, etc. Many democrats have lost their trait of human empathy! They are still good in protecting dogs, though.


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