Kelly vs. Gingrich on her statement “If Trump is a sexual predator.”

Trump said repeatedly that the Media was biased against him and may cost him the presidency. Let’s find out if it’s possibly true? I selected one statement about Trump by anchorwoman Magen Kelly from right-wing Fox News, out of about a million statements from left-wing CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. I selected Magen’s statement aired on Fox News today because people have said that Fox News would be the least biased against a right-wing nominee for president. And, if Fox News turned out to be biased against Trump, the left-wing news stations would certainly be totally biased and devastating to Trump’s presidency.

If you say that a million statements like Kelly’s to Gingrich about Trump will definitely reduce the number of women voters and some men voters for Trump, you are absolutely right. It already happened.  If you say that some of these voters were going to vote for Trump because his program for the future of the US  was better than Hillary’s program, you are right again. And, if you say that Magen Kelly’s statement was one of the many unethical utterances that undermined Trump’s presidency chances, you are dead right!

Ladies and gentlemen, as a psychologist I can assure you  that psychologically speaking… in the mind of the average voter who was listening to Kelly today the word “if” was deleted instantly from  Kelly’s statement. The average voted heard  her saying “Trump is a sexual predator,” not as saying “If Trump was a sexual predator.”  Some women voters who had painful sexual experiences in their past would really repress the “if” word that Kelley based her news reporting on. The Media bias against Trump is psychological more than a left-wing conspiracy. That is why 99% of the leftist editors and reporters don’t see their devastating bias against Trump (They also hurt themselves in the process of personal decision makings). Kelly was not aware that she gave ten women who accused a great family man, who probably raised nicer kids than they did, enormous power to shape the presidency! Ten women who wanted a moment of fame will indirectly decide who the judges on the Supreme Court will be – socialist or capitalist!

Shame on you Magen Kelley for exercising the power to influence voters with impunity and show lack of fair judgment, sensitivity or understanding how should sexual matters be aired on the News. Anyone who thinks that Trump might be a sexual predator, even 1%, need his/her head examined. Bragging about sexual matters by males (and some females) in a show business context is as far from “sexual predation” as Hillary Clinton is from planet Venus!



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