Caine vs. Pence

I turned off the tube with disgust in the middle of the debate “show.” I said, “Thank you the Almighty that this VP debate that just ended was just a side-show in this election won by a broken norm and empty mores.  Caine, an aggressive impolite democratic VP salesman of empty promises won handily against a polite ‘sweet” republican VP Pence with values but without a skill to sell any in his political life. I was not happy that Caine was as good a salesman as Hillary had been. This pair is selling the American voters a “Lemon, a national program based on past failures that won’t fly. “Their product that you might call prosperity and security for the American people is a “lemon, it sounds good but doesn’t make lemonade.” I say that not because I am a republican but because I see a third 4 years rip off of the American people in the offing (the first two were Mama Obama’s plans). I felt I had to turn off the TV because Pence was too nice, polite,uninformed and didn’t fight back the interruptions from Caine, while Caine was full of an aggressive Hillary’s bogus plan and was able to sell it to the folks as if “your honkydory life is just around the corner, dude.”  Hillary had great bogus plan for every thing (ISIS is really scared!), from Brexit to the economy to security (she even knew where Aleppo was). The polls tomorrow will show that Caine won the debate because the American voters seem to believed all the nonsense – that Hillary will make a great president because she has a plan. Forget that she didn’t have a plan for the American people for 30 years, true, she didn’t hire a single person from the American people the last 30 years! Caine was still all talk about having great plans as if those plans implemented themselves. It seems that Hillary will become the president and the promises will not be fulfilled. I get the feeling that the democrats in 2016 will sell the American people a golden bag of beans worth 123.5 trillion dollars! while the Republicans who do have a better program for security and the economy are led by a smart businessman but stupid salesmen!



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