Our future: Hillary vs. Trump

To do a scientific analysis of the future performance of either one of these 2 candidates as president we have to create meaningful categories of information that we know will affect the daily life of the American people. The is one super category in its effect on our lives: it is Nationalism (Trump) vs. Globalism (Hillary). The Europeans are globalists while the Americans are Nationalists. With Globalism the US economy will be as ineffective as the economies of Spain, France and Germany. With Nationalism the US will be self-sufficient meaning free and prosper as intended by the Constitution. Strong borders (Trump) vs. weak borders (Hillary). With the Democrats in: crime, terrorism, social and ethnic chaos, pain and suffering will increase. Money: with Hillary taxes and the deficit will grow, with Trump taxes will shrink and so would the deficit. And finally, with Trump the world will respect America and stop fighting us and stealing from us, with Hillary in there will be more Americans and American ships  shot at all over the world. Four year with Hillary added to the 8 years with Obama the US will lose its leverage with the world completely. But, there is one good thing having Hillary in the White House, clean language in public by male officials covering up Hillary’s corruption with praise for women who deserve better than what Trump gave some of them.



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