Trump want to replace “Obamacare” with “Trumpcare”?

What is “Trumpcare”? We know what “Obamacare” is: Premiums go up, service goes down, in places where there is only one care provider costs become prohibitive and care is poor. The future of Obamacare under Hillary Clinton as president is bleak. Why? Because Hillary and Obama are left-winger socialists like the leaders in the European Union (EU). They don’t see competition as important to raising the standard of living of people. They like big government to dictate to people their reality of penalty rates for not obeying orders and accepting high premium rates. Hillary is paternalistic and globalists (Their village will raise your child) and her government will double down on bureaucracy and power, run by her satisfied socialist friends.

“Trumpcare” is not advertised enough because Trump is stupid not to play smart politics during a crossroad election, so I will say it for him. “Trumpcare” will open up the field of health care to competition between a great health package offer negotiated by a Trump’s administration (contracted providers package, CPP) and what’s provided by the private care industry. You will have a choice to mark “Americacare” on your tax return, pay a small premium automatically, and get excellent contracted medical services at cheap cost – like in Canada. Or, you will have a choice to mark “Clintoncare” on your tax return and get promises of an improved “Obamacare.” Someone on Hillary’s election team said the other day that “The American voters are stupid,” Well, in 10 days you will have a chance to show Hillary that the American voters are not stupid but smart. They knows the difference between “Obamacare” and Americacare.” Socialism didn’t work in the European Union and will not work in America. Bless our unique Constitution! The leftists tried to kill competition at the turn of the last century during the time of Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency (1910) and failed. They will also fail now at the turn of the 21st century! Bye, bye Bernie, Hillary, Obama, Bill and Carter, your leftist ideology has made the life of Americans poor and unhealthy. Bring back the competition.  Time to make America great again!


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