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As a mother of a young African-American boy growing up in America…

July 19, 2013

The president spoke with his usual eloquence, but this time his topic was the most difficult for him to face as a black president, the pain of the Martin family and possible black violence as a reaction to the Trevon Martin verdict. He tried to calm down the rhetoric among black leaders who don’t help the situation at all and emphasize the unity and not the division. I salute him for implying that mothers of young black men growing up in America among prejudice and anxious Whites, could help their young black sons relate better to whites by changing aggressive behavior and helping white folks more relax among them. My job here as a psychologist is to add that this change in behavior will advance blacks acceptance in society, get better jobs when Whites shed their fearfulness.  The president’s speech brought up two  important points: America is racist and blacks are aggressive and it doesn’t add up! White forks can not continue to behave differently when young black men are around, and young black men need to tune down their racial rhetoric and aggressive behavior. Justice works both way. Better relationship has its implication in hiring, promoting and social acceptance. Both sides need to change. Blacks will benefit the most from a non-racist America.