The psychological reason why Michael Brown died?

I was completely amazed when I arrived in the United States from Israel to study psychology at UCLA how the American culture completely ignored 2 key factors in human relations, 1) How significant is behavior profiling in solving crime, and 2) How significant is cultural background in understanding why crime happens.

It’s ironic. In Israel behavior profiling saves lives and protects citizens. In American people think that behavior profiling is racial profiling. It is not!  This hypersensitivity and lack of cognitive distinction skill (CDS) is the reason Ferguson police department broke the law and did not release the report by officer Wilson and the police department about the killing of Michael Brown – as required by law! The struggle between the police officer and Michael Brown is a behavior, not a racial concept! This behavior is called in psychology a role conflict dyadic behavior (RCDB) and is easy to analyse (behavior you can observed and described). It is not a racial confrontation or racial profiling (concepts you can’t see) as the American culture believes (One solution is to change the curriculum in American schools and start teaching reality more than conceptual stuff).

The second new concept in human relation is cultural background, which is ignored and not taught correctly in American schools either. The white and black races living in America had a totally different historical experience that determine hoe they see things. The white race moved west, shot attacking Indians and built towns, city halls and police departments. The black race was kidnapped from a chaotic land called Africa, shipped to America to build slavery and finally gained basic freedom by confrontation with white authority. If officer Wilson was a black officer in the same situation, the chance for a deadly confrontation would have been reduced by half. If all the people in the convenient store were black the chance for Michael Broun to misbehave and break the law would have been reduced by half. If officer Wilson and Michael Broun grew up and went to an American school that taught history and psychology right, the chance for the deadly confrontation would have need reduced again (lots of if’s), and finally, the black community is looking for vengeance (understandable, based on their history), while the white community is looking for political due process (not much justice in politics either). One day American will solve all its problems. As an immigrant in 1960, I discovered the American dream, I was lucky, my Jewishness was not on my skin, in my pocket-book or on my nose. It was in my smart behavior!


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