How to double your energy and live longer.

I am 78, look 50 and beat 2 cancers. I am highly informed.  Yesterday, I Picked up Sencha and Matcha green tea while looking at the “junk” uninformed shoppers were picking up at Costco. I felt bad for our educational system. Suddenly I realized that the good life really depends on what you will know in the future that is available now! Imagine getting your information from a Zeta Reticuli, Planet B health expert (it’s a real place), or let’s say knowledge from an advanced planet or from information we will one day have ourselves – that is available now to those who know science well!!

Being true to my super blog not to inundate you with luring “internet stuff” but give you the solid best info that science has, here is something exciting that for me has been just what I do for years. Did you know that ALAmax is the first step? Alpha Lipoic Acid stimulates the production of Mitochondrial energy cells and they in turn helps you live longer? I won’t mention the other incredible things that the mitochondria does, like help you lose weight, because it’s spooky and I don’t want you flabbergasted. Well, since I mentioned Zeta Reticuli, Planet B, let just say that If you are a real Torah scholar you’d know that Methuselah lived 960 years because he had a lot of – mitochondrial cells that started deteriorating in following generations untill a 1000 later Moses lived only 120 years and you will live about 80 (90 if you are smart). Read my next segment on getting your water more wet so it can reach tiny vessels in your body and heal you. Do you want to be a septuagenarian, I am here to help with knowledge you can’t even imagine exists. You are lucky to find my blog in the midst of a primitive jungle of blogs!


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