The 10% Rule saves lives!

No, you won’t get a description of the 10% in a psychology textbook. i wrote about it in my blogs when I felt that it was applicable to advance your career, use your real estate guy more effectively or be a better therapist or professor. The 10% Rule simply says that in any situation when you receive information, the best data (top 10%) that could make a difference in your situation will not be coming your way unless you are ready and ask. And, readiness for the top info. depends on a tabula rasa attitude. 

I was shopping at Costco pharmacy and a lady standing next to me picked up a bottle of Omega 3-6-9 while I reached  for a bottle of Omega 3. You see, Omega 9 causes cancer by stimulating chronic inflammation in the body while Omega 3 prevents the inflammation, fights schizophrenia, depression and with ALA helps you lose weight and prevent heart attack. I grabbed my Omega 3 bottle and left, not saying a word to the lady, would you? You may, but with me I am not in the business of confusing Costco shoppers with my darned 10% Rule. Personally, I don’t even think that people with cancer would even take a workshop on Omega 9 if I offered it free in a community center! After teaching college for 27 years, I had no more than 7 students out of 30,000 who came to my office after lecture to ask about “the professor’s 10% rule,” and 8 of them said, “Is it in the textbook? or would it be on the exam?”

Am I cynical? You bet I am. The 10% Rule can help cure your cancer, make you rich and get you the love you want, but you’d have to change your behavior. You’d have to ask again and again the right question untill the information source releases the top data to you (90% of the time they don’t know it’s the top info.). People go to my website on how I cured my stage 4 cancer in 5 months, but so what? Nothing happens. Will you be the first one? I hope so but I doubt it! Why? Check Google for the German word Zeitgeist and you will know the power of the mood of the times. Orson Wells said once, “No apple will ripe before its time.”



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