I cured my 2 cancers. The Brits and BBC are still searching!


This true story is unbelievable, so if you are a cynical person you’d think that I am hallucinating a fantasy. Well, I couldn’t be delusional as a psychologist without knowing it. I had prostate cancer and bone cancer stage 4 terminal in 2011. I refused Chemotherapy in Victoria, BC and flew to Cologne, Germany for immune treatment in Dr. Robert Gorter’s clinic. My last 4 MRI’s and blood tests show that I have no cancer. I spoke at the University of Berlin last year about my healing cancer “system” (You can watch it onGoogle. Type: Dr. Elior Kinarthy, cancer, Berlin). Dr. Gorter wanted to speak in Victoria, BC about my case and his treatment but the oncologists in Victoria refused.

The reason I am posting this is that I just saw on the BBC that the Brits just did a study, using the same immune treatment protocol that Dr. Gorter used to cure my cancer, as if they are the first in history to discover it!!! I suppose one day when cancer research catches up with Dr. Gorter’s work they’ll invite him to speak all over the world. By then Victoria will beg him to come and speak here. I will suggest to him to decline. We don’t want to talk to people who don’t have insight and don’t keep up with cancer research. Sad that cancer research today is a political game. Meantime, I’ll be 80 this year, totally healthy and celebrating life, hoping that the professionals will soon catch up with Dr. Gorter’s treatment of cancer and Dr. Kinarthy’s “system.”. Hi BBC, wake up!


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2 Responses to “I cured my 2 cancers. The Brits and BBC are still searching!”


    Wonderful testimony! What did the treatments have in them?

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Hi Emmalita,
      Dendritic cells kill tumor cells. Cancer patients don’t have enough dendritic killer cells. The doctor took a sample of white blood cells from my vein, extracted the Dendritic white cells from the sample in a lab, stimulated their growth for 7 days in the lab (up to 10 million killer cells) and injected back into my vein. Did the process 8 times during a 5 years period, very expensive. This treatment was major. The other “junior” treatments helped. Thanks for asking. I wish to help other cancer patients (www.cancer-vcrc.org)

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