One key and four psychological reasons president Trump is good for your future, if the key……

  1. The key: If you could calm your mind protesting Trump’s anti norm behavior and vote for him on instinct (I estimate that before you read this posting only about 10% of you could do this mental trick of ignoring their naturally pessimistic mind and vote for that “scary” but optimistic man. After reading this posting more of you would ignore your pessimistic mind (I don’t know how many more).
  2. Reason 1: Having a lot of MONEY:  A self-made billionaire is a proven success story. His predictive behavior would be acknowledged as a criterion validity in any scientific conference on leadership.
  3. Reason 2: Being a family man:  A person who succeeded keeping a cohesive family with good relationship with his grown up kids from 2 ex-wives exhibits a profound talent in negotiation, communication, generosity and having good human values. Reagan divorced a wife that was not empowering his great potential and married Nancy who empowered him to the governorship of California and then to the presidency of the United States. Behind every successful man there is an empowering woman and behind every successful woman there is an empowering man.
  4. Reason 3: Abrasive trait: Leaders who strive to reach the top in society as CEO’s, presidents, prime ministers, respected mates, great mothers and fathers, must have strong personality to stay optimistic no matter what (Weak personalities become pessimists), having to face tough opponents. an abrasive trait, self-confidence, assertiveness, a slight M. ALI arrogance, exuding personality trait of power goes a long way in feeling secure, getting respect and winning for your business and country. Let me give you the clincher for your own leadership’s success and optimism: Learn to step on the psychological toes of people who are in a relationship with you. Instinctively they will accept you as an authority on the subject at hand (my maximum is a finger poke on the chest of a partner, my minimum is, “By the way, your wife called” or “Don’t worry, I won’t tell.”  Ask me to write a book on “A thousand ways to step on your opponent’s psychological toes to gain authority and respect,” and I may do it because I was a push over when I was young!

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