The most important vacancy in history!

The title of this posting is an understatement. The live or die choices are two, either the republicans will vote for a republican president while congress succeed in delaying by 11 months the appointment of a conservative replacement for Antonin Scalia, the arch conservative supreme court justice who died today, or the democrats will succeed in replacing Scalia with a liberal judge that may make the supreme court permanently voting 5/4 to approve forever gay marriage, institute abortion rights, welcome illegal immigration, welcome in terrorists unknowingly, widen paternalism and refugee rights, create a welfare state, print money and mess up the economy, triple the size of government, bankrupt our nation, raise a socialist generation and changes the US constitution that would make the EU life and ours the same, very unhappy. The results: US WILL fight more wars of multiculturalism, become weak like any other troubled country without borders, confusion will be led by power-hungry Hillary Clinton. One more liberal SCJ and we live in a miserable Armageddon!

What will happen in the next 11 months will affect your kids! It all depends on YOU, the American people. If you are smart you know that the most important vacancy in history is up for grabs, and it’s not just another opening. If you are brilliant you will vote for a great president too: Rubio, Cruz or Trump, but not a third Bush or a second Clinton or a first Sanders! Whatever you decide, life will go on for poor, good, better or best future. Vote for BEST. Whatever you do, don’t regret your vote, excusing it later would not do!



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