President Obama just made a “State of the Union” speech against Trump!

Right now a CNN panel of “experts” are debating whether Obama derogatory speech against Trump will take votes away from Trump or will add votes to Trump’s campaign? It appears that Obama is more afraid of Trump than he is afraid of Netanyahu! This is the first time in history that a sitting president takes time to speak on national TV against a republican who is not even nominated yet by his party to run against Obama’s friend Hillary!

Hey, let’s do a psychological analysis together: If a person of a lesser status is invited to dinner by a king, would he gain stature from others? Will his business improve, social life boom and self-confidence¬†climb? If Obama criticized YOU on TV, would you gain things from that or lose things from that? Now you know the answer. Tomorrow’s poll will show that more people believe that Trump has a closer chance to become president because otherwise why would a sitting president even bother with him so early in the same? Would Obama pay a hoot about the Bushy right now? Or the others? But Trump, first he dominated the media and now he dominates the White House circles. My God, the guy is a genius. He will attract more voters because of Obama that lose voters because the president paid attention to a real estate foul mouth. Soon you will have president Putin of Russia call Trump for a friendly chat to disarm Trump and preempt future problems with a super powerful president Trump.

By the way, Obama believes strongly that he makes better decisions than Trump could ever do. That is a presidential delusion. If Trump ever set a red line for Assad use of chemical weapons and the Syrian president used them, would he still be president of Syria? Obama, your leadership is a hot air balloon!


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