Is Trump a conservative, ones for all!

What is a conservative? Cruz says that Trump is not a conservative. The RNC agrees. Ones for all, what is a conservative? I happened to believe that psychology has the answer because psychology studies behavior and personality. Is Trump is a conservative?

A conservative is a right-wing personality that believes that your country comes first before any other country. A left-wing liberal personality is the opposite, believes that your country does not come first because it negates the 2 left-wing ideals of multiculturalism and internationalism. After all it isn’t nice to be selfish, we are all equal, Syria is just as human as the USA. Trump motto. “let’s make American great again,” is a conservative rejection of Obama’s idea of, “Let’s make America equal to other countries. Trump revives “manifest destiny” and Obama tries to kill it. A conservative is a right-wing personality that believes that prosperity of a nation depends on capitalism and the freedom to create. A liberal is a left-wing personality believes that prosperity of a country depends on savings, austerity programs and distribution of wealth, all done with big government control and socialism. A conservative believes in individuality and initiative, a liberal believes in collectivism and paternalism. A conservative will keep lawless and dangerous people and people who break the law out of your country, a liberal will invite them in and try to change their bad behavior with kindness and welfare. A conservative thinks of his nation as his home and family, a liberal think of his nation as a community to be organized along the lines of other communities. A conservative is a nationalist, a liberal is a community organizer who believes in doctors without borders!

Is Trump a conservative?

You bet your IQ that he is!

What is Obama?_____


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