Accept that Obama’s response to the BP oil spill is classic American response!

The oil spill in the gulf of Mexico has now become the biggest oil spill in the history of the United States. Please understand that Obama’s inadequate handling of the situation is a post-Teddy Roosevelt classic American response to disasters. Our culture has become a global wimp!

It started with 2800 Marines who perished at Pearl Harbor when Imperial Japan attacked in 1941 believing correctly that the Teddy Roosevelt’s 1903 era of assertiveness was gone from the American culture.  Today, Americans give the impression that they are willing to pay TOO MUCH for peace. That is why we have disasters. Psychologically, when the strong acts like a wimp it backfires! If it wasn’t for the Nazis attacking us, we would have probably forgiven the Japanese for Pearl Harbor. We have forgiven the Hizbullah for killing 250 Marines in Lebanon. We have forgiven Bin Laden for killing 3000 Americans in New York. We are ‘nice’ to BP for the mess in the Gulf. We forgive Bill Clinton for disarming the US for 10 years. We forgive Bush for weak responses to aggression against the US. We forgive Obama for supporting a regime in Afghanistan that allows child prostitution. So far, we have forgiven anyone who hurt Americans, and we have supported anyone who hurt their people.

The voters elect those of us who are “politically correct” nice guys who hide well that they really don’t care about people. Congress is full of these people.  If Teddy Roosevelt run for president today, he would lose big time, not withstanding the likelihood that he would have handled the BP oil spill more assertively than Obama did. We are our worse enemies when we vote for a nice social personality for president instead of a powerful, no-nonsense assertive leader!


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