BP oil spill exposes Obama’s weakness as a leader!

A strong president will veto any company request for drilling for oil underwater unless oil spills are proven scientifically unlikely and if they do occur, the technology available to stop the oil leak has been proven to work right away.

Obama only said “drill baby, drill” and the people lost their livelihood with a “spill baby, spill.” Why didn’t he take charge? I am writing a book on Obama’s 10 personality weaknesses, the major of which is that Obama being so socially likable personality finds it very difficult to oppose strong CEOs, i.e., take command, make demands, or order them to obey him or else! The British Petroleum CEO recognized Obama’s weakness in leadership and took complete British command in handling an oil leak on American soil, may be even trying to salvage an expensive BP platform instead of just plugging the hole!

Here is what should have been done from the very beginning: The drill hole should have been smaller to be more manageable. BP would have made less money pumping out less oil per hour but it would have been more under control.  A plan should have been in place ready on the first day of the leak to insert a smaller diameter tube into the leak hole as far as it would go and inject in material (mud, clay, cement, foam, etc.) that would harden in water and plug the hole.

For the first time in his presidency, Obama’s approval rating is below 50%. People still like him but they question his leadership in protecting their livelihood. If he doesn’t learn how to get tough with CEOs who need restraining, he would not be reelected in 2012!


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