BP oil spill is a symptom of what’s wrong with our generation.

No, my analysis isn’t the garden variety of bull…that you like to watch.  My observation is a classic social psychology pilot study. I watched CNN coverage of the oil spill for a random day. I found out that only 15% of the time CNN reported on direct efforts to stem the flow of oil. Guess what the other 85% of reporting time was about? You guessed it… interesting “stuff” that didn’t do diddle  shit for the Earth but kept your neighbors watching and sending in their bull…emails (sure kept the commercials coming). I crave for the day that 15% of programming would be “soap” and 85% substance.

We need a new educational system before it is too late. People should get excited over scientific discoveries and achievements more than over what a celebrity said on Facebook about the oil spill. That would be the day that oil spills won’t happen or get stemmed in an hour!

Learning to fix things that go wrong is a function of what Americans like to watch on TV, it forms attitude: The “soap opera” created around events versus the  “Yank’s ingenuity” of fixing problems. We have changed for the worse as a culture. Are we heading towards a culture designed Armageddon? Let’s stop watching CNN unless they report 85% of the time how to solve problems!

Most of my “action” postings don’t get responses and most of my “soapy” stuff does, I will feel encouraged if this posting will – for the sake of our mother Earth.


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4 Responses to “BP oil spill is a symptom of what’s wrong with our generation.”

  1. stevevonende Says:

    Nicely said. I could not agree more.

  2. Righteous Fist Says:

    I see 2 actionable items in this posting.

    1. Change the educational system so the populations taste in entertainment tends toward the the intellectual and informative.


    2. Change the entertainment industry focus from the trivial to the germane.

    I understand that some may take issue with me referring to something as hallowed as CNN as “entertainment’ but let’s not play games. CNN does not exist to inform the public. CNN exists in order to generate a profit via airing commercials to as large a crowd as possible. They care about content only as far viewer membership is concerned. Beyond that it’s all fluff.

    Given that my last statement is true it seems that the onus is not on CNN or any other entertainment company, rather on the consumers of said media.

    I do not watch tv. I do not posses the requisite passivity nor am I willing to tolerate the quality of the content. I feel a pang using the term content in context with televised news, and another in calling it news.
    The stream of light and sound pumped out by the major providers is virtually devoid of content and context. The stories are so truncated as to be all but meaningless. A quick chat with a regular mass media consumer reveals an appalling lack of depth to their understanding of an issue, and an almost pathological polarization on top of that.

    The result? You are talking to a person who has an “at best” adumbrated idea what is going on, and is unwilling to consider that may be a possibility.

    A fine situation to be sure if you are in the business of profiting from others having less than perfect information.

  3. Atticus Says:

    Very true and rightly said!

    We live in a ‘Hollywood-type’ culture where style takes precedence over substance. We’re inundated with problems (mainly man made) but with a dearth of solutions, with states and corporates quick to pass on the buck, apportion blame and unwilling to show accountability.

    The path currently travelled will be to the detriment of humanity as a whole unless urgent and remedial action is taken – beginning with a change in culture of media institutions (like CNN), government leaders and CEOs of multinational corporations.

    Grassroots voices are being silenced in favour of greed and capitalism of the elite minority over the welfare of the majority. The long-term consequences will be far reaching and catastrophic if this state of plunder and myopia continues unchecked.

    My recent blog entry may be of interest, the poem highlights our globe’s perilous predicament:


    Keep up your good work!

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