CNN expert: Terrorists tend to behave normal!

Every day I get up at 9 AM and turn on the TV. Watching CNN is the fastest way for me to wake up fully alert because I am guaranteed to hear and see the best believable absurdities on CNN.  Yesterday it was about terror in Texas, today its is about a conference on terrorism. But today the so-called “news” topped them all when an “expert” on CNN declares that terrorists act normal untill they commit a terror act. Freud, Skinner and million other psychologists who researched that body language, gestures, facial expressions are a give away, let alone verbal expressions would object. I have alway suspected that society doesn’t believe in psychological research except when it comes to the distorted “professional” opinions of “selected” psychiatrists in some court cases!

Listen, you don’t need to be a psychologist to know that any behavior by any human being gives out signals and has antecedents and consequences. A good interpretation of the electronic Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) can even tell you the probability of a divorce within the first 7 years of your marriage (you call it the 7 years itch). The whole existence of psychology is to predict the probability of future behaviors. CNN makes me feel with its selection of “experts” that the human race still lives in the Neanderthal’s caves when it comes to knowing future behavior. A terrorist is boarding a plane with the intention to blow it up. Chances are that a million dollars sophisticated electronic detection device will not pick him up but a well-trained 22-year-old girl will! All it takes is for her to graduate from a community college program designed by a behavioral psychologist. But it won’t happen.  I spoke at the University of Valencia, Spain how a behavioral psychologist could help reduce the 25% unemployment in Spain and no PhD in the room responded. I felt like a PC salesman trying to sell an Apple to a caveman.

I will stop here because there may be no point to continue unless you say that there is, after all Obama’s behavior itself indicates that he doesn’t believe that his behavior is leading to the terrible consequences in and out of the world. He doesn’t connect the dots that his behavior as CEO of the USA lead to the mess we are in and that it is time to change like he had promised 8 years ago. Well, Barak, let start with you adopting  a simple rule that will help you help others live a better life: Behavioral profiling is necessary in your life if you want to surround yourself with people who will help people advance in the world. And, the first behavioral profiling Americans should do is about who to marry, who to work with and who to befriend! Unfortunately, half of you already know thatfrom personal experience! Better luck to the other half! Study body language!


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