Texas shooting: Social media new linguistics.

It’s 10 AM, I got up and turned on CNN and Wolf  was saying, “The police is analysing the 2 dead gunmen emails.” I laughed because I know 100% that most police officer don’t even know what “philology” is. How can anyone in America analyse the emails of terrorists if they never studied language in a new way? As a college psychology professor for 27 years I can tell you that most freshman students don’t even know that thinking is not a behavior! What is inciting to riot? Can cursing someone be incitement to riot if people lynch you for that? What’s worse to say, “You are stupid,” or to say “go to hell?” Some young people will punch you in the face for just staring at them too long. Is that incitement or they are just were angry and immature? Can you cause incitement without a behavior?

Time for Social Media to really be analysed!  SM is a source of information that can made a smart community college president somewhere in American initiate developing a new 2 year associate degree called “The psychological meaning of words.” Technical analysis of language is the only way to know scientifically if you incited to riot or not, planned to kill or not, fool around with words or was serious about your intention or motivation to harm (2 totally different meanings). Yes, we are talking about stuff from the 22nd century, but why not? Don’t everyone wants to be smarter, not just stupid psychologists? Bet you if Obama took such in a community college course the country would have less violent! He doesn’t understand that the way he uses words create a lot of false expectations in America.



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