The case against democracy

I was sitting at the marina coffee shop with a friend a retired professor of law from the university of Toronto discussing the Messiah Complex (MC). The MC is a quest for a savior that had become a part of every suffering religion and culture in history. It is a juvenile dream. The powerful Romans tortured the Jews during the awful  2 centuries after the crucifixion of the  renamed Jesus messiah (he knew himself as Joshua), as if it wasn’t enough what they did to Jerusalem before 200 AD. A charismatic Rabbi named Bar Kosiba declared himself the Jewish redeemer, gathered half a million “feeble worrier” for a false Messiah around him and declared war on the strong Romans because he believed the “Right makes might,” Idiot! The Romans massacred all of them. Thank you, Rabbi Kosiba, idiot!

My posting today is not about half a million idiots who followed a Jewish colt leader who is today revered in Judaism but about a billion idiot who today vote in elections and think that they know what they are doing. These are the people who believe in democracy “as is” and vote for leaders like Wilson (“war to end all wars”) Nixon (“Watergate?” I am still not a crook.”), Bush (“Mission accomplished”), Clinton (“I had no sex with that woman.”) and Obama (“The United States has no manifest destiny. It is just a country like any other country.”).

What has all these presidents who can’t think to do with my smart professor? He was knowledgeable and eloquent and he thinks. He had earned the right to vote. I am sure if the common voters out there looking today at the  20 republican candidates for 2016 were as knowable as my professor they would be able to vote for leaders that would make decisions that would result in us having a better life. I really believe that to make democracy work you should earn the right to vote by going to school and getting good grades. The rest of you who vote, if you voted for any person on the list of “valueless” president above, you should disqualify yourself as a voter in fed elections. I don’t vote because there are no Teddy Roosevelt running any longer in this feeble country that needs to grow up! Did you ever have the feeling by looking at adults behavior that most are stuck at age 18!


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