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What’s best and worst for your self esteem.

September 3, 2010

Before I retired I made $100 per 10 minutes as a psychological consultant to the National Enquirer. As a professor of psychology and parapsychology I was very popular with students. You are now getting me free, so cash in on it. I will teach you incredible stuff in easy to understand and perform ways. My total posting on my blogs and websites so far is over 400 important pieces of information, from how to raise your self-esteem (today) to why people don’t pursue the best treatment for cancer (next week).

Self-esteem is how you feel about who you are, not what you think of yourself. How you feel affects your self-confidence, assertiveness and level of energy. A high self-esteem can prevent depression, overeating, overspending, and will prolong a high quality of relationships. A low self-esteem will affect your health, happiness and financial situation.

Let’s get to work: I want you to think of a situation in your life where you either gave up on doing something, gave in to someone, or said to yourself  “Why bother” or “I’ll get to it when I do,” or “Who cares” or “I can’t win.” The most common occurrence in life is being “cheated,” either by design or by an oversight by someone at home, in the workplace, by a so-called friend, as a consumer, or in a – department store.

Here is what you do: Never give up! First, write a letter describing all the details of the situation and keep it as a reference document on your computer – not your opinions but the facts. Second, make a list of all the potential persons and agencies that might help correct the situation. Third, call, send the letter, email, tweet, write on Facebook, complain to a government agency, consumers protection agency, chamber of commerce, BBB, newspapers, get to work on it for a day! Winning is the best psychological thing you can do for your self-esteem, while losing is the worst psychological thing you can do to your self-esteem. So, do a darn good job in presenting your case. And, you know something, you can’t accomplish that without education. Poor, uneducated people always get screw. Educating yourself is the first step in building a high self-esteem. But, here is the catch: Select your schools, teachers, or programs carefully, most of them are – political junk. How do you like that for telling it like it is! Always!

FIFA and Wall Street: The coach and the CEO are everything!

July 2, 2010

In my guidebook The Psychology of Investing, I wrote that Warren Buffett elevated the importance of a company’s CEO for your share earnings to a “Godly” level. I just watched the Netherland beat Brazil in soccer in South Africa, Brazil, mind you, Brazil, a team with the best individual players in the world lost in the quarter-final! Get it, Wall Street CEOs and Football CEOs (coaches) hold the secret to the success of their companies or teams. The coach of the Holland team is the most important variable in the victories of his team. He doesn’t let his players kick the ball back too often, play individually too much, pass the ball to the next player instead of ahead of him, play a passing game too close to the opponent’s goal line instead of kicking, and lose their “cool” when the referee makes the wrong call. I tell you, my friend, it’s hard to find great coaches or CEOs nowadays but when you find a Maradona, Buffett, Jobs, or the Google boys, you get wealthy and really enjoy the elegance of the game!

The Fist fight Between the Euro and the US Dollar: Who is winning?

March 19, 2010

Canadians think their Loony will soon be worth much more than the US Greenback, after all they have the oil and a better fiscal policy. The Europeans think the Euro will dominate the dollar because the EU is in ascension while the US is in decline. The Russian ruble, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, German mark and French frank are waiting in the offing to jump in and rescue everyone from American political or monetary mismanagement.

Well, I got news for you all, investors, pundits and CNN financial experts. You are all wrong because you have a tunnel vision and you are wearing politically correct glasses. Focus on facts, not on surface impressions about a small segment of history when the US appears to be losing.  The stupidest are the Europeans who were saved by the Americans from starvation twice in a Century, and they still think their fragmented decentralized new Euro economy can beat the all mighty American dollar backed by history. It really doesn’t take brains to realize that the USA would always be the winner in our world, because it, (i) has the best Constitution in history, (ii) has a bill of rights second to none, (iii) is the only country governed 100% by the rule of law, (iv) has led all the other countries combined in Nobel prices,  innovations, new industries, services and products, (v) has the biggest economy, (vi) is the only Democracy besides Russia that has a centralized economy, (vii)  had won 2 world wars, and (viii) is totally free.

Beware, your wealth is only as good as your thinking. If you are a multimillionaire, you can ignore what I am saying because you already know it’s true. I have a lot of friends who took their money out of New York and invested it in Asia. As the saying goes, you can bring a horse to an American spring but if he thinks that a faucet in Beijing has better water, that is where he would be heading.