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National Health Care: A Right or a Privilege?

March 22, 2010

In any debate, half of you tend to follow your mind and half of you tend to follow the truth. Those of you that follow your mind will oppose what I say and the other half of you will follow it. When it comes to living the good life half of you are your worst enemy and the road to hell for the rest of us is paved with your good intentions. For the half that wants to follow the truth about the health care issue, listen carefully:

1. The greatest minds in history discovered a fundamental truth about government that is ridiculed by half of humanity, the half that influences how much money we have to live on, how healthy we are, and how happy we are. That fundamental truth about government is that government was originally established in human history to do only 2 things: Protect the people and regulate their economy.

2. National health care is a right, not a privilege because to have an economy worthy of regulating you must have a healthy populace. You can have a good economy only if sick people can get the best help.

3. Since national health care is a right, not a privilege, the question debated today should be “How to establish a national health care system that serves the people and is cost effective.”  The issue is not tackled in congress today because half of the congressmen come to it from their mind and not from the historical truth. The result is that half of you   will continue to make all of us suffer while believing that national health care is an unwanted privilege.

4. Let me suggest that congress should vote first and foremost on the question, “Is national health care a right or a privilege.” That would be the intelligent way to start the debate!