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The peaceful revolution!

February 15, 2014

I started this blog a few years ago after retiring as a successful psychologist with a goal to make a difference in the lives of millions of people. As a professor of psychology and parapsychology since 1973 I made a difference in the lives of 40,000 students and patients (ask them, it’s amazing the letters that I get). So, I thought I could enlightened the rest of you to make a difference in your lives. I expected to succeed but I didn’t! I should have because I came to the United States from Israel in 1960 to get education and I found out what life was all about. I did, but somehow the information ins’t reaching you! I cured two cancers, made a couple of millions “bucks,” married a beautiful, smart, loving and successful woman and sired 4 kids, but the rules of a successful life that I gathered didn’t impact on-line listeners as it had impacted my students! Sure, a trickle of visitors married right, improved their health and made money, but where are the rest of you? I asked around, “What am I doing wrong?’ No one had the answer. Then it downed on me reflecting what an insightful participant in one of the few workshops that I conducted said to me, “Dr. Kinarthy, you said that making great decisions with lower risk requires following a set of rules that people don’t believes in!”

OK, dudes, what I may be doing wrong is my assumption that Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist was right when he said, “You are only as good as your culture let you be.” Let’s test this hypothesis: The Chinese culture guides the Chinese people to “Live to eat.” (watch their joy in restaurants). They are not fat. The American culture guides Americans to “Eat to live.” They are fat. I am an American but I “Live to eat.” I love eating, I lick, I eat slow, I more jaws, small portions, everything on my plate goes in. I am not fat. Start the experiment: Say “I live to eat,” 100 times per day every day, start eating 3 times slower than before and eat it all except real fat stuff. Share your results with me next year today. Good luck!




Game theories: American Chess versus Chinese Weiqi, who will win?

June 12, 2011

Understanding the difference will give you the extra power (edge) that you need to win in your Relationships,  whether it is money that you seek, sex, love, respect, military victory, territory, peace or winning elections.  First, you have to accept that all situations in life are win-lose situations. Compromise is a temporary state when one feels that he cannot yet win!  Second, you have to accept that there are only 2 ways to win: Replace your opponent or weaken him enough till he is no longer a threat and you are not concerned anymore.

Chess is an American game where you confront and replace your opponent. Checkmate is when you replace your opponent’s king with your king. Weiqi is a Chinese game where you don’t confront or replace your adversary. Victory is achieved when you weaken your opponent’s king and make him subservient to your king. In life, these 2 strategies are “sugar-coated” with rhetoric (Obama) to such an extent that the average person (or leader) can’t discern the strategy and can’t take advantage of his insight!

In the long run, the future belong to China unless the West switches games (it will not). The Chinese derive their Weiqi approach from Taoism, the Wu (without) Wei (effort) translated into Tai Chi Chuan (the effortless action of Zen). Weiqi is a deceptive quantum mechanics game of minute basic undercurrent steps, persistent, small, appear unthreatening, etc. The Chinese won’t need confrontations with the US,  just to slowly own US finance, Africa’s natural resources, Europe’s consumption, Australia’s natural resources and Asia’s economies. India is not a threat economically or militarily by nature of its slow peaceful society.

In the short run the future belongs to America as long as its military is able to confront and replace adversaries in its worldly chess game, whether it was Hitler or Osama, it is Gaddafi, or it will be Ahmadinejad. I will bet on America as long as it has the skill to replace kings!  I will not bet on Europe, Israel, or the Middle-East countries because these players refuse or can’t replace bad kings (Arab Spring is overvalued). These countries never even heard of the fabulous Chinese Weiqi game!