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911: What nobody analyses!

September 12, 2012

Let’s recreate 911 psychologically. The US president is not George Bush but Teddy Roosevelt, the most assertive or aggressive one term US president ever! He sits in the oval office and hears rumors about increasing terror against Americans in Europe and Africa. He picks up the phone and calls the heads of the CIA and FBI to his oval office.

“Gentlemen, you have investigated Saudi students who enrolled in US private Flight schools since 2000. What did you find out?”

“Mr. President, flight schools instructors reported to local FBI officers in 2001 that they found it odd that these Arabian students concentrated on learning how to fly 747 passenger jets, skipping classes on landing.”

“Arrest and interrogate them.”

“But, Mr. President, we have no evidence that this odd behaviour is related to planning attacks in the US.”

Teddy gave them a stern look, “Arrest them!”

The 911 plot was nipped in the bud, 911 did not happen, instead, Teddy Roosevelt lost his reelection to the Democrats in 2004. He was depicted as an aggressive, punitive, dictatorial, paranoid president. People in the twin towers voted overwhelmingly democrat. Sweet Kerry was elected in a landslide. Many times in America psychological reality  of threat from abroad clashes with political reality at home. Americans hate preemptive strikes against enemies. Can you imagine if Osama Bin Laden stayed a trivial terrorism organizer? Can you imagine how many lives would have been saved if what Hitler did in 1938 was good enough as evident for Teddy’s cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt (a Democrat) to take him out? But Franklin would not have been elected to a third term! 4000 innocent people would not have died in Pearl Harbor or collapsing towers and planes on 911  – but Bush would have been defeated on November 3, 2000. Americans hate leaders who rush to bloody good judgment. It is the price they are willing to pay for a bit longer peace and presidents who get elected and reelected know that mentality of waiting to the last-minute. 911 happened 11 years ago. This may be a numerology sign or other psycho-babble, but, as in Pearl Harbor 1941 under sweet Franklin Delano Roosevelt or 2012 under Obama, the game is still the same. No one is a Teddy (Roosevelt) bear anymore who says, “Walk softly but carry a big stick.” Today they say, “Walk very softly and carry a foreign aid bag of money.” Obama will be reelected and will try to avoid war with Al Queda till he has no choice but to fight. History always repeats itself with sweet Presidents than with tough ones!


Remembering 911!

September 11, 2011

I am an American. America is the light onto the nations. The US constitution is the light to America. 3000 Americans and innocent people from other nations who worked or visited the twin towers on September 11, 2001 perished at the had of Islamic terrorists. Today, America remembers. America rebuilt itself and created a memorial, the same America that has created a memorial in Honolulu to the murdered Americans at Pearl Harbor of December 7, 1941.  America is always slow to react to attacks because it has no anger in its personality but at the end it always prevails and lead, albeit suffering unnecessary pain because it has no anger. Psychologically speaking, the terrorists that attacked America on 9/11 and 12/7  had too much misplaced anger while America that was attacked had too little of it. Rarely in human history do countries or individuals respond to a vicious attacks correctly and appropriately, why?  Because educational systems in democracies throughout human history avoid teaching children how to respond to adversity. America is our best example of how to survive in a difficult world but America is not our best example how to respond and thrive in a difficult world. We leave that education to the future when we learn to express anger appropriately. God bless America!

Pearl Harbor attack linked to Japan Earthquake!

March 15, 2011

What he did is mean to link the two.  Alec Sulkin from Family Guy Animated Comedy said it and he apologized for ” Joking.”  As a human being who loves and admires the Japanese people I pray for their full recovery from the earthquake disaster. As a psychologist and parapsychologist for 30 years, with tons of credentials, I will take this opportunity to educate people about “forces” in the universe we live in that can save lives in the future.

My job is to explain “linkage” phenomena, not to condone them. My job is to explain phenomena in order to alert people to its future effect in their lives. My job is to help prevent disasters. The psychological and parapsychological link between the past of an individual or a nation and their future is well-studied by psychologists, psychoanalysts and parapsychologists. If you care to understand this phenomena, it’s all over my writings in the last 30 years.

Psychology: A systemic change will occur in a person or a nation that goes through a life changing experience. That systemic change will make the organism more susceptible to a recurrence of a similar systemic changes in the future. The probability of a similar experience increases. The vulnerability to certain influences increases. Subtle energy configurations within and without a system have been reformatted in that direction. In the future, as humanity advances in understanding high technology energy fields, you will take more seriously present measurements of these universal forces. Today, you don’t. 100 years ago, when Dr. Freud and Dr. Jung explained personal and collective unconscious influences they alluded to the fact that any big event will  imprint itself on the mind (Today, we know that “imprinting’ is organically similar to the hardware in your computer and regular experiences are similar to your Software!).  They also said that with deeper awareness you can prevent future problems linked to those events!

Parapsychology: The “linking” phenomena appears to be a fundamental universal law. It has many names in different disciplines. It is called an “After shock,” (in Geology),  a “copy cat” (human behavior),  “subconscious tendency,” (Psychoanalysis),  “tissue sensitivity” (Medicine), “Conditioning” (Psychology), and what have you. A systemic change that occurs in a person or a nation that goes through a life changing experience tends to reappear in one form or another in the future, usually on a proximal anniversary period. As a psychological counselor I have helped people avoid a heart attack on the anniversary of their father’s –  heart attack! I have seen couples get divorced around the time their parents  – got divorced! Right now I will counsel Obama to be vigilant about traveling because both his brother and father died in traveling accidents! The Challenger space craft exploded in space. NASA should change the name of the space shuttle Atlantis to something less prone to –  disasters. Look, I have been ridiculed for writing about useful palmistry and other weird topics in the National Enquirer for years, so I will stop here. I don’t want to waste my time. My job is not to educate 20th century people about 21st century knowledge and understanding of “forces” in the universe. People won’t listen. My job is to tell Japan to proof-safe its nuclear reactors in the future more than any other nation except for Russia and the United States who had also developed nuclear disaster propensities!

Ladies and gentlemen, am I over your head? I know I leave many of you behind in my blogs, websites, magazine articles  and book writings, but I will never accept to be an ordinary writer, a “politically correct” dude. There are human lives at stake. Human welfare is at stake here. I want to leave you with a personal search. Examine a major event in your life or your nation’s life and take special precautions to prevent something similar in the future. Please, please, be a little more daring in your thinking. Become more “futuristic,” please. My dear cousin went on the Atkins diet 3 years before he died from a heart attack at the age my beloved uncle died from a – heart attack. Please take psychology and parapsychology seriously. I know you’d survive without my warnings, but you’d be better prepared for the events coming your way in the future if you listen. Live safely! Live happily! Prosper! Advance to the next stage! I care!