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Dr. Kinarthy’s Yin/Yang cancer System and Cure

January 12, 2016

A human body is a biological system that evolved and organized from star material with checks and balances over millions of years. The biological system that evolved is guided by laws of nature and the Universe. The biological system includes organic physiology (body, organs, cells), wired hardware and software (mind) and spiritual community of Monads (soul), subsystems that work in Yin/Yang balance and harmony together to perform a designated living function for the body. The living sacred function is communication, within the system and between the individual’s system and other systems. For example, if you put a human cell and a frog cell in the same petri dish they will soon oscillate at the same frequency!

As with all systems, maintenance is a given, part of nature, designed to self-guide Monads, reignite Photons, repair broken genes, return to their place piggyback chromosomes, repair stacked chromosome pairs and other genetic syndromes caused by mitosis, meiosis, evolution and lost communication.

Cancer in the conventional sense is a disorganized cell system that had metastasized (malignant tumors spread that kill) or organ system in the body that is treated by surgery, photon radiation, chemotherapy and/or drug and hormone therapy. This is the standard medical and cultural system of treatment today. It’s not the worst, odds of survival are 60% of all patients survive 5 years or more after diagnosis, depending on the type of cancer they have. I had all of these treatments between my diagnosis in 2002 and my going “independent” in 2011, except chemotherapy. My search for a better system of treatment started on October 17, 2011 when I remembered what Hippocrates the Greek father of medicine reminded us that the sworn oat of physicians is “Do no harm.” chemo was replaced with immuno!

My system:

Cancer in my unconventional sense is a disorganized, poorly structured cell system that had metastasized and will eventually kill me unless I kill it first with a more organized system than what is available today. Being a professor of psychology and parapsychology and a researcher for 27 years, it was easy for me to organize a better system of cancer treatment based on Universal laws (the I Ching, the book of Zen change, Yin/Yang, the Universal Chinese philosophy of required practicing of balanced behavior between  harmony and order in any system and cancer being systemic itself, meaning inherent to the human system (we all have 4-5 cancer cells at any given time), my system had to be comprehensive, meaning making the environment of the disorganized cells that I called “the invasive Sartan,” so uncomfortable that the cancer tumor would “ask” the body permission to leave! ( You need imagination to practice the new system).

The key to winning was Immunotherapy, the Gorter model in Cologne, Germany.

Want to know more? Click “Dr. Kinarthy, Cancer” on Google and watch my Yin/Yang presentation at the ISSS Systems conference sponsored by Humboldt University in Berlin last year. I assembled the maximum number of Yang and Yin treatments in harmony and in order (The list and Tables are available in the 16 page research paper I left with the Institute, available for publication, the list even include Sencha, Macha and Geukuro teas, Ginger powder, turmeric powder, Abiraterone pills, etc, a complete life change to a high Chi level). In you are a serious researcher you may email a question to my website

In my case study I played “Patient E.” and “Patient E nurse advocate). My system requires you to have a trained advocate, a “job description” to be developed by a University. The job of that cancer nurse would be to work with the conventional oncologists to improve the system to fit Dr. Kinarthy’s system). The nurse is the only new ‘job description” needed in the enlarge system. Any good psychologist added to the team can work with the cancer patient’s motivation to learn and do his/her part. Many practices will have to change in the new system, for example: MRI instead of cat scan, Proton rad instead of photon rad, reduce abiraterone dose with food, green tea, special breathing exercise, God’s diet (more rice products, etc.), supplements like alpha-lipoic, critinine, the list of changes is dramatic!