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Buy for use only, what a wonderful principle!

July 19, 2013

Every time you make a decision to purchase¬†or sell something, you take a risk that sooner or later you won’t use it. Then come the “explanations” that make you feel that you didn’t ¬†waste money. Did you? Yes, of course you did. This is what I call a life of quite deprivation. Do I live like that? I used to, but not today. I use everything that I bought, especially weight programs, swimming plans, etc., that is why I “buy” very few plans, ideas, explanations, etc. Do I leave food on the plate? Hell no, I use to teach in hospitals that it’s good….. today, “You took too much food, kid, eat it.” This principle is awesome. It builds happiness! It’s not about money, it’s about having a great life!